Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This little boy captured my heart long ago. He was an easy baby. Smiled at 2 weeks old, he has always been  my buddy and pal, and maybe, just maybe, he will be the reason I cry for the first time when I send a kindergartner to school.  He is fun, and usually happy go lucky. Usually obedient, but can also be a great big punk. It's so hard for me to discipline him at times because he has a full fledged grip on my heart. 

He Loooooooooooooooves baseball. And when his daddy told him that it was his last game for the season the other day he nearly died of shock. It was ruining his little world, and I love that about him too. 
When I tell him to get ready for baseball he happily gathers all of this things, underwear and "cup" to boot. 

He is smart as a whip, is reading on a first grade level. His favorite video right now is school house rock, and I swear he just loves it because he wants to soak in every last bit of information it provides. Yesterday after his last day of preschool, his teacher gave him a math workbook, and he insisted on coming home and working on it. He wanted to finish it all in one day. 

His teacher cracked me up with what she said about Wade, because it is literally and exact description of Peter. Peter and I both have our mini-me's he has Wade, and I have Kaylie. In all the good ways, and in all the bad. 

Someone remarked after his performance to me that he was the only one who knew all the songs. He loves to sing and he loves to know all the words! He insists on getting out the hymnal at church, and wants to follow along. 

 He is a complete joy to me... even when he is being a punk. And I just love him to pieces. His teacher said he grew 4 inches this year. She has been teaching preschool for 10 years and has never had a child grow 4 inches in a single school year. She said she has kids grow 3, a lot, but never 4. I would never know because he refuses to wear pants, so, I don't usually notice that he has grown and inch or two.... But he is a VERY big boy, and solid as a brick.
 I really don't know what I am going to do next year when he is in school full time. I will miss him tremendously, and I am sad that we won't have that daily connection anymore. He always has been a total joy. Even from day one. Most of his life is on this blog, because I started it right around the time he was born.
Here are a few videos of his performance, and words from his teacher to give you and idea.

Ps- I recently migrated a bunch of old videos from google video, and many of them are Wade as a baby. Click on a few, and you will see why we love him so much!

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Shanakin Skywalker said...

Sarah will start kindergarten this fall as well and I am so emotional about it. So excited to watch her grow up but at the same time am kind of mourning it. Sarah has that same nose at Kaylie. How funny. AND you're not going to believe this, but I also have really tall kids! One shorty like me, but the rest... very tall. Including Sarah. Long legs and everything!


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