Friday, June 21, 2013

My how things change

Depression GONE!

Looking back at those few weeks where I was crying every morning, I think it was more due to extreme stress that my body didn't know how to handle. Why is the end of the school year so crazy! Not only is it your absolute craziest time with your own kids, but  it the craziest time with my work too, and I obviously found it completely overwhelming.

You know, this blog, since becoming private, has become more of a journal for me. There are so many other outlets for day-to-day celebrations. I enjoy having someplace to go to express myself though, or to keep track of what is going on in my life, and head.

Abby is on her second week of being gone. I WOULD say that it's been so hard, and I am missing her, but actually, we have faired okay. Dealing with teen angst turns out to actually take quite a bit of managing, and so, maybe I feel like I'm getting a little break? The 6 hours she was home on Saturday of last week were rough. She was exhausted (read:grumpy) and I wanted it to be  so happy and fun and it kind of wasn't. Everyone wanted her attention, people's feeling got hurt, and maybe some fingers slammed in the doors from wanting to be with her. It wasn't quite the blissful reunion I was hoping for.

Here's to hoping for a more peaceful return this time around?

I'm gonna pray my guts out for that one.

We've been keeping ourselves busy with Tennis for Wade, and Swimming for Kaylie. I purposely made ourselves kind of busy this summer because I didn't want a lot of time at home where I was trying to keep everyone happy. There are too many different personalities in this house to make that work. Also, everyone around here immediately resorts to the TV when they are "bored" which means that I am constantly telling people to turn off the TV. We have put a moratorium on the TV until 3 everyday. Which is about the time I get sick of entertaining everyone. But, with our activities all mixed in, it hasn't been too bad. I am happy to find myself sitting near the end of June. Which will soon lead to a trip, which will bring me back to July. Not too shabby when the kids start School in August (the 12th). However, for once in my life, I am not looking forward to the drum beat of school. It starts early, and it's incessant. I am hoping for a small reprieve in the fall. OH WAIT! I'm having a baby!

I would be lying if I said I knew exactly how it was all going to go down. This I can tell you. I am scared.

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