Monday, November 5, 2007

Cutie Tooter Wader Rooder

Wade is now almost 8 months old! (Well, he will be in 10 days) But the little tyke is crazy busy and is in a full crawl now. Actually, it makes me happy because now he entertains himself better... tearing leaves off plants, tipping over kitty water bowls, tipping over bathroom garbages, crawling under the table and getting stuck, and tearing up magazines... Oh, the fun of an 8 month old. Why now when he happy with his freedom does he have to start cutting teeth????

I took a few pix I had to share. His hair is getting more red, and full. I think he actually is more red than Abby was at this age! However, if the expression on his face starts to look repetitive, it is because he has figured out how the camera works... there is a little orange light that goes on, and then a big bright ugly flash! Hence, the stunned face. As soon as he sees the orange light on the camera, his smile goes away because he knows the big flash is coming!!!!!

Oh well, he is still pretty darn cute. :) Enjoy!

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