Friday, June 27, 2008


Don't you love it when you say you are going to post something "tomorrow" and then you realize it is about a week later? Well, that is what moving will do for you. The brain no working . . . . what can I say.

THIS IS WHAT I CAN SAY.. other than decorator prison, (which is a mild form of prison where I lock my mom in my house for three days until she has hung every picture, adorned every shelf, and spruced every corner) our house is almost unpacked. That is what happens when you realize that your in-laws are coming into town and you think you need to get your house looking like you actually have DONE something in the week and a 1/2 that you have been here!!

I pretty much got everything unpacked, but was at the "need to put together furniture" stage.. You know, the stage where you put this and this together so you can actually USE them. Good news though, once the were all put together, (thanks to the father-in-law) they looked better than I anticipated and they were actually comfortable! (that was for you Heidi. She called to see if they were comfortable too!)

So, the house is together (mostly) and since my Mother-in-law is here, I decided to institute a new form of prison called sewers prison (each momma has their own special set of talents which I will abuse, I mean utilize accordingly.) I am ready to get crafty in this here house, and you KNOW how I love CRAFTINESS. Anywho, although I had done my fair share of sewing, she is FAR superior, thus, prison... Don't worry, I am helping. After all, she is helping me put together some chair cushions that I have been meaning to make for oh... I don't know... 2 years!!! I have had the fabric sitting in my closet, but when I was in Pier One on my little Shopping Spree, I found a perfect chair cover to knock off. I will show the results soon. :)

For now, I will show the desert in bloom (like I said I would)
These are outside my master bedroom.

These are hanging on my pool wall.
Aren't they BEAUTIFUL??

Sorry, but the miracle of husband's handiness will have to wait, I guess I didn't upload the picture yet. Just add it to my "to do" list... :)


Jenibelle said...

Love the flowers. I almost married someone from Paradise Valley, when I went home to visit his family and it was 103 at 1:00am, I backed out. How shallow. I am not a huge heat person. Give me 80 degrees all year round, I'd be happy. But bless your heart for finding the positives!!

"Sewer Prison" threw me off. I though of sewers like under the ground , not needle and thread! I think it's late and I need some sleep!

Love your background!!!

Anne said...

Well those flowers almost make AZ look appealing!

Ilene said...

Ah, I love locking a mom in the house to spruce things up. And I wonder why she doesn't visit as often as I would like!

Please post pictures soon.

Bridget said...

Gorgeous flowers. Don't make us wait too much longer for the inside of the house pics.

Melissa-Mc said...

Just make sure and feed her once in awhile. But not just bread and water :)

jessica said...

I have those projects that I meant to do like 3 years ago. It's so nice that you have a mom in law who is so kind to be a slave to the machine for you!!!!!

Love the flowers...I'm so glad you are getting settled in.

gab said...

Yes...we do a similar "in-law" prison here. All fix-it and sewing jobs must be finished before they leave!

Jill said...

Beautiful flowers...totally jealous!

Tina said...

Gorgeous flowers! Lucky you!


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