Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sneaking Update

A few days ago I posted this about my sneaker son...

PROGRESS! Today when I woke up.. he was up.. lights on... pantry door open... I looked around.. No Jaxon...

Get Wade.

Jaxon appears from where else? The living room.. this time he says,

"Hey Mom. I took the marshmallows and was eating them in my room.(hiding place)"

Me: Oh really? Well, were are they now?

Jaxon: "I'll go get them"

Me: Thinking the worst.. he will bring back an empty bag.

Jaxon: "Here they are!"

Good news is: Jaxon probably only ate about a 1 cup of the mini-marshmallows

Good news is: He is on his way to school on the bus right now and will have to deal with his sugar high there. :)

Bad news: I really don't see any. I mean, I need to clean out that pantry of food anyway.. we are leaving Monday, so really, he is just helping with the packing. :)

Thanks to all of you who visited. I actually went OVER 50 hits (91 page loads) so, thank you. I still feel loved eventhough not all of you commented. I do think it is hilarious that you came back today to see if I called you out as a cheater... truthfully, I just ran out of steam. . . .so, sorry to those that wanted to be called out, but weren't.


Melissa-Mc said...

Jaxon is starting to come clean with his closet eating.

And many lurkers are coming clean and commenting.

YOU ARE SO FUNNY! I may have to copy you someday.

gab said...

Do lurkers show up if they are using a reader? Just wondering...

Ilene said...

No closet. I wear my Eugene living history with pride. We were there from Fall 2001 through June 2007 (when we moved to Spokane). Darn we missed each other! We first lived off of Cal Young Road in the apartments by the little golf course from 2003-2004. We then moved down the street from where you lived on Centennial/MLK Blvd. (right by the freeway). We then had another apartment until we bought a house in West Eugene. We would have been in the same ward if you had stayed through 2004 (our 5th ward boundaries took in some of the 7th-? ward). What were you guys doing down there? Dan went to school there (we are HUGE Duck fans), I worked at the university and then Dan ended up getting a job out there after he graduated. Sheesh. There is my life story.

Ilene said...

Check that, first apartment was 2001-2003. Second 2003-2004. Not that you care but I don't want to claim that we were homeless for a couple of years. We were not those kind of Eugene residents...

calibosmom said...

I'm here, I'm here! No cheaters in New Hampshire!

Bridget said...

I'm impressed that you are still posting when you are leaving MOnday! Good for you. Way to be dedicated to the blogging world. Be sure to get that internet access up and running as soon as you move.

No cheater here in Beaverton, OR.

Jill said...

That is so funny! My Tanner runs and hides between the corners of the 2 couches. He is in plain site but thinks he is hiding while sneakily (or not) devouring his snacks...cracks me up. Gotta love our kiddo's!
Glad you had some lurkers come's fun to see who is reading.


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