Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor Goes CIVIL?

Wow, I have never heard so many people say so many nice things about the OTHER people on The Bachelor ! It was like a big ol' testimony meeting!

Truthfully, I think Naomi should have gone home tonight. Not that Stephanie was my favorite (her look is a little extreme) but, she was obviously a total sweetheart, caregiver, kind heart... It was amazing to see the girls treat each other so CIVILLY!

It must just be because they are *gasp* normal people??? Awwww, then what fun is THIS going to be??? I can't say that I EVER remember an episode of the Bachelor where I liked more than ONE person. (Maybe TWO at the most) But I can honestly say, although I think Stephanie wasn't right for him... I still liked her ok. No one could find anything bad to say about her!!

Right now, my favorites are Jillian, Molly and Melissa. *SCANDAL* Melissa's home date goes terribly wrong! Next week looks like better blog fodder anyway. (The dead dove burial?? Buh Bye Naomi!)


Laurie said...

Hey you've made it to February - huge milestone!!! It can't be long now!!

jessica said...

The girls are letting me down! Where's the fighting?...the scandal?...the champange throwing?

Oh well, I don't want Jason's son to end up with a total phsyco so I guess it's for the best.

Stephanie was sweet...syrupy sweet and not the right fit. I think I'm a Molly fan.

Leah said...

I'm rooting for Melissa. Molly is too perky for me and her "hidden talent" of being a good kisser bugged me to death. That was the lamest thing I have ever seen. They didn't even know each other yet. And yes, Melissa is perky too, but has enough sincerity to back it up.

I haven't watched last night's show yet. I'm still waiting for Deanna to show up!!!! I'm guessing she is begging for him back and it will be too late. She should have shown up much earlier.

Christa said...

ok, so i watched for the 2nd time ever last night. The first time being the first episode of this season. I was surprised also, but I think next week will tell so much more!

Emily said...

steph's "look" totally creeped me out, and the hand and cheek kissing thing was just to weird for me to handle! Okay, last week did you notice Nikki's shaved side burns, she was a pretty girl with beautiful hair, WHY would you shave your side burns, totally creepy too!! When does deanna come back on the scene? i'm rooting for molly or jillian!

Laurie said...

I like Molly for now. But I'm still rooting for DeAnna to come back. She was SO stupid to pick Jesse last time, but compared to these girls, I still think she fits Jason the best.

Total side note if you're just reading this in your email - I'm not the same Laurie as above. Strange seeing another Laurie, actually. It's not exactly a common spelling... At least, that's how I always felt growing up! Spelling your name gets really old! I'm sure you understand, what with all the different spellings of Lindsey!

Natalie said...'s the day:). Good luck! And happy birthing.


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