Monday, February 2, 2009

Pretty Near Perfect

Believe it or not, I had a pretty near perfect day on Saturday. (I know, hard to believe since I have not had this baby yet) But it is true!!! The weather was near 80 degrees, Jaxon has learned to ride his bike without training wheels and I decided to capitalize on BOTH while trying to get this baby to budge.

SO: We went on a riding bike tour of our neighborhood.
I wish I would have had my camera. We rode through the abandon streets (one of many of Az's empty and not growing neighborhoods, due to the economy and market failure) of our development to each of the neighborhoods 4 parks. The empty streets were perfect as Jaxon riding his bike is like a scud missile with multiple possible targets. I was able to let him ride behind me (YES, I WAS RIDING A BIKE AT 9 MONTHS PREGNANT. Yet another reason I didn't take my camera, one doesn't want proof of such things. ) and every once in a while I would turn to look at him in a pile of legs and bike parts waiting for assistance. He kept getting back on though and the kids thought my ability to find new and undiscovered parks was purely amazing! I would sit and enjoy the sun while they explored the greatness of our many neighborhood parks!

We finally made it home and I decided to get productive. It was time to clean the house for the 4 th time in an effort to show good faith that this baby WILL EVENTUALLY COME. I enlisted Abby to empty the dishwasher and much to my surprise, she then volunteered to mop the floor!
I even caught her enjoying it! I mean, I am going to capitalize on her being WILLING to mop the floor as long as I can, and someday, I will show her this picture of a time where she ASKED to mop the floor and LOOKED LIKE she was enjoying it. Ah, the sweet wonder of capturing a moment on FILM. After that, I took a nice long bath (no pix of that of course) and decided to make CUPCAKES to celebrate our baby's birthday. I was hoping that us celebrating would encourage her to make her debut. It didn't, but, I have eaten several cupcakes every day since.. .just in case.

Wouldn't this make YOU want to come out????

Happy Birthday baby! We hope you decide to come out soon!

Sorry you missed your birthday party!

(Note: Baby's birthday party was followed by 14 hours of contractions at 10 mins apart... then, Nothin')


Tina said...

what a great idea, bike riding and cup cakes! Whats your last name on FB and I will look you up. You are one of my favorite people and we have never even met. Thanks for letting me glimpse your ups and downs!

jessica said...

Seriously! That baby is totally messing with you! I love that you had a birthday party without her. I am faithfully checking in on you. I can't believe how much I am aniticipating your baby's birth!

The clothes have been so wonderful. The best part is that as Camden has been growing out of stuff I am passing the clothes on to Kara B. Your gift just keeps on giving!

I am sending "baby come out" vibes your way...

Natalie said...

Way to look on the bright side:). And those cupcakes?? I am starving now. They looked so yummy. Maybe if this baby hurries out she will have chocolate flavored colostrum.

Melissa-Mc said...

I would have loved to see you riding a bicycle. You must have great balance. It sounds like your baby may be teasing you.

calibosmom said...

This baby better get here soon! I just can't wait any longer! Sounds like she's getting ready though!

Andie said...

Those cupcakes made me want to lick my screen. Not sure if I'm ready for labor, but I'm READY FOR FROSTING!

Anonymous said...

i want some of the cupcakes... yumm yumm COME OUT TODAY BABY!! I want my guess to be right.

The Grant Family said...

Okay, so it's February....she can come already! I was patient in January, but come's Feburary now!

Anyway, I was glad you worked on the bike riding skills with Jaxon because when I was 9 months pregnant my son decided it was time for us to teach him to ride with out his training wheels. Nice timing I thought, but the baby did come that week. May I pass my bike riding = baby coming karma onto you. Good luck!

Bridget said...

I'll have a cupcake, thank you very much. I LOVE to see children enjoying cleaning. How nice for you!


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