Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trying to Live

I am having a hard time putting this post together.
I am overwhelmed.


I am just kidding.

Life with Kaylin has been pretty great.
I forget how great (tiring) it is to have such a small spirit in the house.

Abby adores her and adores holding her.
Jaxon notices her and is impressed when she opens her eyes.
Wade wants ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with her,
but made some small progress this morning by approaching her. (A big step)

So far we are making it.

I am happy to have Peter home.
Although, being employed would be great too :)

She is a pretty mellow baby.
Some crying, but not too much.
Only when I want to go to bed.
I am getting rest, thanks to Peter.

She looks NOTHING like our other children.
I am not sure where she came from!
Here are some more pictures for you to FEAST on. :)

Hospital day #2

Getting some love from K-lo, one of her namesakes!

Giving the "one eye" to Abby.

The family picture I didn't get at the hospital! I didn't even get a picture of ME holding her at the hospital! (Poor 4th child)

This just happens to be what she is doing RIGHT NOW. :)


the MomBabe said...

She is beautiful!

Tina said...

I love her cute chubby face. I think she looks like your oldest boy. Our number 4 was so different in every way. Its so amazing how many variations of children can come from the same two people. I think she is precious!

Natalie said...

squish her for me. So cute! I can't believe that you have it in you to blog so soon after baby #4. What a women Lindsey.

jessica said...

The fact that you are even posting shows how amazing you are! I am barely keeping my head above water with number three!

Those pics are precious!

Leah said...

I am loving the face she is making with K-Lo! Keep resting and letting the unimportant stuff slide. She's beautiful.

Bridget said...

She is adorable. Good for you for blogging still. I'd be pooped and just wanting to sleep.

Melissa-Mc said...

Oh, her cheeks are just yummy! Aren't they so much more fun on the outside than on the inside?

Hillary said...

I LOVE the new pics! She looks so skwishy wishy cute. Love ya and hang in there...

Emily said...

i love the pictures, she is so cute and squishy!!

D-dawg said...

Sooooooooooooooooo sweet. Love it. Love baby pictures. Congratulations!!

Ilene said...

I always forget how much they sleep... except it always seems less at night, huh?

gab said...

The picture of the four of them together is so sweet! Enjoy enjoy enjoy. She is delicious!


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