Friday, September 24, 2010

Birth Story #4

Guess what, I have already recorded Birth Story #4, because I had been blogging for a LONG TIME when I had my last baby girl. Almost a 10 lb-er mind you. The only thing I would add to the story is how much I hated the Anesthesiologist for not listening to me (I kinda blow it off in my re-count. I blame sleep deprivation)

And how much I TRULY loved my nurse. Like, really. Like, she basically delivered my baby by herself and I totally, totally loved her. Some people are just meant to work in Labor and Delivery, and she was one of them. She believed me when I told her I needed an epidural, she believed me when I said that baby was ready to come out and basically, was just a fantastic listener, and shared my birthday. She is the one and only person from the Medical profession (besides LORI SMETANA, whom if she ever googles her name will be sent here) who I wrote a personal note to thanking her for making my last Labor and Delivery a fantastic experience. I wish I could remember her name. Maybe I have it written down someplace. . .

I had no connection to the Dr. (Since my beloved LORI SMETANA lives in WA) and as a matter of fact, I got the ONE DR. that I DID NOT WANT to come, but she was the Dr. on call. The reason I didn't want her to come is because about 2 weeks to my due date, she incorrectly told me I was dialated to a 3 and 80% effaced. When I went back to the Dr. 1 week later they said I was barely a 1, and 20% effaced. NO THANK YOU. Nobody wants to get bad info when they are that pregnant. NO BODY.

Enjoy! HERE-----------------------> (I don't know where that is pointing to, but it is just fun. Mkay?)


Danika said...

No photos on either post?!?

Lauren in GA said...

I felt sad that your beloved Lori Smetana was way back in Washington...but relieved that your labor and delivery nurse was so wonderful.


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