Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making Good out of Bad

My husband has to work on Saturday. Once a month usually. Yesterday, while he was away, there was a tragic accident. Jaxon killed Abby's fish. Now, with that statement, you might think, "That doesn't SOUND like an accident" but, I think it was. The fish (which we have had for over a year now) lives in Abby's room and Jaxon barely ever pays any attention to it, but for some reason, yesterday, Jaxon decided he was going to "play" with Abby's fish. I will spare the gory details here, but let's just say there were lots of tears shed. LOTS. Abby quickly reminded me that Jaxon also killed her LAST fish, too. (The girl is a steal trap)

A fish is about the only pet on the list of "Abby's List of 500 Desired Pets" that we are willing to venture into right now. And so, to try to make things better, I told her that I would take her out when daddy got home for a little girl's day out. (A completely great way to get out of the house with any kids accept for Abby) Peter came home and since it was time for Kaylie's nap, Abby and I headed off to "run errands" while the boys hung out at home with the sleeping baby.

Our first stop was lunch. (You better believe I am going to make a girl's day out include LUNCH!) We decided to get salads at Paradise Bakery and as we were sitting there chatting over lunch, a serious revelation came upon me. She is growing up. You know, you know how it just *SNEAKS* up on you? Day after day after day and all of a sudden you notice, WOW. They aren't really that little or young anymore! And, I actually quite like engaging in small talk with her! (Which revolved ENTIRELY around the game 'Frontiereville' which her dad was letting her watch/play with him.

I started to laugh a little because she is just so animated when she talks. I nonchalantly got out my phone and took a few pix, and just couldn't stop because they were just such a perfect expression of her 9 year old face. So much expression, and so much animation. Since it seems like I blinked, and she is nine, I wanted to recall this little "moment" of our bonding, and her willingness to just chat the afternoon away over lunch.

She uses her hands a lot when she talks. Makes it hard to talk and eat.

Although it may seem like some of these are posed, they truly aren't. She was seriously mid sentence here.

I have seen this face so much. She used to make faces like this when she was a baby. But now I don't see them as much anymore. Unless I take pics mid sentence.

This has to be my favorite. Because, it is hilarious. And so, so, Abby, you can see the slight shake of the head when talking. (Who on earth is she looking at anyway?)

Doesn't look like she is making much progress with that salad does it.

I love this look, because it is so unassuming.

Describing something with her hands.

Does she even CARE about her salad? I think not.

Okay, maybe she does.
Thanks for lunch Abby, I hope we have lots more lunch dates.


Tiffany said...

You will cherish those moments forever! Abby is such a sweet girl. I am so glad you know what is important. Abby is lucky to have such a great mom!

calibosmom said...

This is hilarious! I can just see her gabbing away in all her chattiness-so cute!

cher said...


Lauren in GA said...

I love how you caught the pictures in a nonchalant you could capture her as she spoke...and now you will have those pictures forever.

jessica said...

THis is so funny! I love my dates with my girls. We try to go once a month. Eden is 7 going on 17 and Maya is 10 going on 30!

Gabi said...

Abby is so cute! When she came to Activity Days, all the other girls were having a very hard time listing a favorite vegetable (most are haters). Abby had a hard time CHOOSING her favorite...because she loves them all SO much!

She is a cutie...must run in the family.

Jeanelle said...

Okay, yes your daughter is cute and all but when I saw you were at Paradise Bakery, all I could think about was the chocolate chip cookie they give you with your meal. ;)

Jeanelle said...

What the heck? You and Gabi are in the same ward? How come that hasn't been shared! That is a blog in and of itself!!! Two powerhouse bloggers in the same dang ward??? Wow! ;) xoxo

Lydia said...

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