Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Darn Bird

There was a bird on our front porch. It was wounded. The second I saw that darn bird, I knew I was in trouble. I knew I had to find a way to get rid of it. Get rid of it before Abby came home and adopted it as a full fledged member of our family. But, being the softy that I am, instead, I put a bowl of water out for it, and gave it some bread crumbs? (Hey, I don't know what wild birds eat! And I am not about to go out and find some bugs for it to eat mkay?)

So, I felt like I had done my duty. I tried to help the bird as much as humanly possible. I don't know what happened to it, but I was certain that it was not going to last much longer. THEN, I could dispose of it before the crazy animal girl, I mean, Abby got home.

I failed.

All this drama around my washing machine that has broken 3 times in 5 days really had me going crazy. I had met with the repair man (for the SECOND time) been to the gym, met a friend for lunch, picked up and dropped off the babies, returned a few calls, put Kaylie down for a nap, and a meer hour later, and it was time to go get Jaxon from school to take him to therapy. As I bopped out the door I thought of that DARN BIRD, and how it was going to be sitting on the porch as Abby got home from school, and I was not going to be back in time to remedy the situation.

I had just brought the kids in the door from Jaxon's therapy run, and settled them down when I heard the doorbell ring. I was praying it was UPS, and NOT Abby, but it was Abby, and it was just as I had supposed. She had whipped of her SKIRT, and had PICKED UP THE DARN BIRD IN HER SKIRT AND WITH THE BIGGEST SADDEST EYES LOOKED AT ME AND SAID,

"It's hurt. Can we keep it?"


No, no, no. We cannot keep the darn bird. It is wild, it has diseases, and also, it is NEAR DEATH. I gently (really I tried to be gentle) to tell her the above issues, among others (we have a cat) that would NOT be good to KEEP the bird. And she asked, if we could take it to the vet.


I told her my washing machine was pretty much keeping me from being able to pay any other bill this month, and that we would NOT be taking the bird to the vet, but that she could VERY WELL BECOME a vet who could adverstise that she will happily fix WILD ANIMALS for FREE and she can save ALL THE ANIMALS AND BIRDS IN THE WORLD!

This is the face that she gave me after I mentioned that the bird is definitely NOT going to make it.
The sweet thing took an orange section out to the bird and she came in THRILLED to report that it happily ate it up, and I told her she could be proud.

I am sure the bird enjoyed her last meal, very, very much.


Lauren in GA said...

Awww. At least that darn birds last moments were spent in the care of your sweet Abby.

...so, if the bird pulls through what will you do?

Lindsey said...

No, Lauren, the bird DID NOT PULL THROUGH! (hence the last meal).

Emily said...

hahaha!! darn bird!!

how can abby look so big already??crazy!! she almost looks like a teenager-you can see it in her eyes!

jessica said...

We had an injured bird that the girls were so concerned about, thankfully by the next morning the neighbors obnoxious cat took it off our hands.


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