Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Remix

Still going backwards here. That statement is true in soooooooooooooo many ways. More cell phone pix from our summer vacay. Geesh, I am glad I got those offa there! Anyway, we had the most amazing trip to the zoo this summer! It was almost like some mystical thing had happened and the animals came alive for us!

The Gorilla came face to face with Wade. There were SEVERAL other kids with their faces pressed to the glass, but the Gorilla decided to "face off" with Wade. I know it is hard to tell, but they were literally inches away from each other's face. What was more surprising is that Wade didn't run off screaming like a little girl when the Gorilla approached. Part of me thinks that maybe he thought he was watching a movie . . . just really up close. I was just grateful that glass was there, because that Gorilla could have had Wade for LUNCH!

Then we visited the Tigers. They were ACTUALLY playing! I mean, COME ON! How many times have you gone to the zoo and the tigers aren't there, or they are sleeping. I can tell you that happens to me EVERY time, except this one. (Go early in the morning) The tigers (they are brothers, and their mom was watching in complete disgust) were all over each other jumping, biting, growling, and jumping in and out of the water. JUST LIKE two brothers at play. I could have watched them all day. It was fascinating.

Then we got to see Zuri. The cute new baby elephant. I think the only thing cuter that watching a baby elephant run around, is watching a baby Rhino run around, which I have seen once . There is something so stinkin' cute about a smallish animal that will one day be huge running around and acting like a little kid. Truly cute.

The thing about Zuri is that her handler, as you see here, was telling us all about how she was conceived, which fell on deaf ears for everyone but ABBY.
Who curiously asked, "So, mom, what is a menstrual cycle?"

The zoo was VERY exciting that day, AND VERY educational.

And the zoo without the train would be like. . . .
Cereal without milk?
Insert your own comparison here. ____________.

Overall, a pretty fantastic day, even with no eyes.


Castaldi said...

I'm so jealous you got to see all that! How fun!

Lauren in GA said...

Uh, thanks to Zuri's handler for teaching about menstration...

I laughed at how the tiger mother was looking at her boys the way I do when mine wrestle. I wonder if she was thinking, "It's just a question of time before someone gets hurt." like I always do.


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