Thursday, October 21, 2010

GIVEAWAY! But first, a story.

It has been a long time since I have done a Giveaway, huh? Well, I am doing one, RIGHT NOW. But first, a story:

Tonight I had to take some Pampered Chef boxes to a client, and pick up some swimming gear for Abby and then take her to swimming. This was all supposed to be happening during the "dinner prep" hour. Where I think about what I am going to make, check to make sure I had all the ingredients, and commence with dinner.

Instead, I was in the car.

I decided on Chicken Curry. But wasn't sure I had the toppings, and there is nothing I hate more than a 5:00 p.m. grocery store run. Because the store is ALWAYS packed. ALWAYS. And I ALWAYS just need one thing, and it drives me bonkers to drag 4 kids into the store, fight the crowds, and get back to have to cook dinner after it all. Going to the store is quite enough. No?

I avoided the store, and hoped for the best.

When I got home I discovered there was no Cashews, and no shredded coconut. Curry wasn't happening.

This is where my life has been transformed. Truly, truly transformed.

I have a Pampered Chef Grill Pan.

If you have been to a show in the last 5 or 6 months, you have probably seen it in action. It is amazing. And up until about a week ago, I had the Grill Pan, and used it religiously. To be fair, it has ALMOST been as amazing as the Deep Covered Baker. But, I was missing something. It's companion piece the GRILL PRESS. I finally got it, and my life has changed. Forever.

I store them sitting inside one another in my cupboard. When I got home, I turned on my stove, and put the pan with the grill press inside it on my stove top. I had a conversation with Jaxon's respite worker, and got out all the ingredients to my dinner. . . . and THEN, I got out three FROZEN chicken breasts out of the freezer, and when my pan and grill press had been on for about 6 minutes (I really wasn't counting) I threw the frozen chicken in there, put the press on top and walked away. I prepped my veggies, I boiled water, I got out a bottle of Thai Peanut Curry Sauce. Within 11 minutes, my frozen chicken was completely done. And looking beautiful, like I had just pulled them off the grill.

Please ignore the dirty stove top.

And you might say, why didn't you just use the grill? And to that I would say, who wants to walk in and out a bunch of times, have live fire with a toddler around and have to clean the grill? NOT ME.

So, now, to my GIVEAWAY!

I know you are all HOPING it is the Grill Pan. But it isn't. It is the GRILL PRESS. Why? Because the grill pan ain't cheap ($135). HOWEVER, I DO want you to have it. And you can get it for $54.00 right now, because the special of the month for hosts is 60% off the GRILL PAN. And before you think, wow, even $54 is alot, I want you to think about all the "power tools" your hubby has bought for 5 times that amount that he has used a couple times. Now think of having THIS power tool in your kitchen. Enough said.

So, here is how the GIVEAWAY is going to work.

ONE ENTRY- Post a comment

SECOND ENTRY- Grab my button and put it on your blog (Post a comment saying you did it!)

THIRD ENTRY- Do a post about my blog, and link back. (I will check, so post another comment so I can see it!)

FOR FIVE MORE ENTRIES- Place an order from my Pampered Chef website at . ENTER GRILL PRESS as the host name. I will ship directly to you, where ever you are. No problem.

FOR 10 MORE ENTRIES- Host a catalog show. Why do that? Because if you can collect just $150 in orders, you can have the Grill pan for 60% off, and it is WORTH IT! It can be ONE order, or 10 orders, they just need to add up to $150 BEFORE tax and shipping. I will even set you up on-line and have everything shipped to you. If you go this route, I will be dropping catalogs in the mail to you tomorrow. If you get more than $150 in sales, good for you, and you will get more free stuff.


Host a cooking show. Now, I know that this puts my local peeps at an advantage, but HEY! That is what they get for living by me! :) If you book your show, I and you win the drawing. I will put the press on your order when you have your show. If you don't hold your show, you don't get the press.


Suhweet. Let's go.

All entries will be entered into the drawing and the winner will be pulled out of a Pampered Chef bowl. Of course.

Dinner in 20 minutes.


Heather said...

Ok I would LOVE IT since I am dying to get the grill pan this month :) I am leaving a comment now :)

Heather said...

I am also posting your button on my blog

The Bish Fam said...

Cool...that definitely looks like a fun thing to have around the house!

liz said...

you forgot to put the part about how you even had time to take pictures while you were cooking! ;-) looks so yummy!

I am anti buttons on my blog it looks messy to me, so don'tt ake offense. I love ya just the same.


Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen said...

OMG All the food looks delicious! Great giveaway! I love Pampered Chef!

The Platt's said...

This is a fabulous give-away. I am loving all the extra entry options. I'll be contacting Heidi immediately...this will likely be her last chance for me to order on her party and then she is on her own. I can't wait forever.

Castaldi said...

Can I win, too? I'm dying to own the Grill pan & press! do you do the button thingy??

kara jayne said...

Your killing me on all this great stuff Lindsey. I sure hope I win!!!

kara jayne said...'ve got me on hosting a catalogue show too. I'm in!!

Alissa said...

Would love to try this!

Kyle & Megan said...

Love that your frozen chicken was only 11 minutes! I NEED THIS! Pick me pick me!


Jeanelle said...

I love PC stuff - you know that. Hope I win!

Lanae said...

love it! i need to host a party just so i can hang out with you!

Lisa B. said...

I would love to win this. This is actually one of the things on my birthday list for my husband. :)

Jill said...

Wow, that din din looks delish! Pick me pick me.

Jill said...

Your button is on my blog! ☺ And you KNOW i would host a party if i could. Come out here and it's done!

nurse graham said...

So many things I could do with the grill press so I hope I win.

I gave you a shout-out on my blog post today.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love my grill pan. Please pick me.

nomfreebies said...

Enter me pleaseee!

nomfreebies AT hotmail DOT com

Heather said...

PS Did I mention I want 20 more entries now that I did a show? :)

Arian said...

Not sure if you already picked a winner. Might as well throw my name in for a cool prize! :)


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