Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have a plan

It is "fall break" for our kids here. Which means, just after getting into the groove of school and homework, we have a nice long break in which to forget it all. Or, at least that is what it feels like to me.

I entertained the idea of driving to Utah to visit family, but, I didn't feel "strong enough" shall we say to drive the 24 hours by myself. I mean, I have done it before, too many times to count. But it takes a certain mind set to get it done. One which I don't have right this very second. I am sure I will muster it up again some time in the future, but just not right now.

In order to survive the 2 1/2 week break, I knew I definitely needed a PLAN. Other wise, I would spend my days watching Tom(Jaxon) and Jerry(Wade) do their shtick all day while Abby watches Little House on the Prairie reruns, and Kaylie sticks with her Dora addiction.


Since Wade was still in preschool this week, I decided that I would have a planned activity every OTHER day, and I wasn't going to sweat spending a little money since we weren't going out of town. The money that we WOULD have spent going out of town, will be spent on our activities.

We started with a trip to the Zoo. My zoo pass ends at the end of the month, so, it only makes sense to squeeze in one more trip.

These are the only pictures I caught of the animals.

The only animal that is mine in this picture is completely concealed. But I can see his cute bum!

This is DEFINITELY the most WILD animal I saw.

PS- The Koala Bears are cute, and apparently they sleep 20-22 hours a day. We were lucky enough to see them awake. And we were lucky enough to leave just before the downpour on Monday.

We went to dinner that night for free (doing one of my "shopping excursions") and learned that my family of 6 is DEFINITELY not quite ready for dining at restaurants. Not that we could spend the money anyway.

Tuesday, was quiet while Wade was at school, and nap time for the toddler was strictly enforced.

On Monday morning, I booked it to the Library to see if I could score a Museum card. I got lucky enough to grab a Children's Museum pass. I seriously had to beat 4 moms to the rack who were waiting outside the door. Luckily, they weren't going for the same pass as me, or I would have been out of luck.

We hit the children's museum today. It was the first time I had ever been, and my kids were endlessly entertained by the activities there. Going there makes me want to bolt sheet metal to the wall in my basement, and have an endless line of tubes cascading down the wall to roll balls down. Huh. Not sure why. Actually, that is what I love about the museum, simple fun. I am also seriously considering buying out a stock of water noodles and creating my own water noodle maze in the basement. I will let you know how it goes.

In other news, I got to see my kids performing their future methods of employment.

Wade stocking shelves.

Abby in customer service.

Jaxon bagging groceries. Of course.

Kaylie working in bulk goods? I don't know, but she was into it. It also makes me want to have a vat of dried split peas to play with in my basement. Actually, no. No it doesn't.

It is hard to know for sure, but I think my kids favorite room was the art room. The all LOVED the play dough, and the paint-able castle.
Especially Kaylie, who ended up mostly pink.

Because she refused to wear a smock like this.

She sat herself in that castle for at least 3o minutes, and screamed at anyone who tried to come in. Sooooooooooooooo princess like.

Tomorrow is another preschool day for Wade, however, we might hit Chuck E. Cheese for dinner if I am feeling generous. And then Friday is Owls of Ga'Hoole day. I RARELY purchase books from the book fair, but Abby said they had the first three books of the series there. I told her she could buy them, but they all had to be read by the time we went to go see the movie on Friday. It is working.
Saturday will be another "shopping" activity at Castles and Coasters and I will be feelin' pretty great about week one! :)


Danika said...

Love that Children's Museum! I would totally have a membership if it were closer.

We did the zoo today. I thought the koalas were totally unimpressive and not worth the hype. The way they hyped it up, I thought there would be dozens of them playing & interacting. Not two of them. Asleep. In separate cages....

The Grant Family said...

I had to figure out how to leave a comment! New format?
My kids just went back on track this week. We milked cows while "off" which was fun, but your weeks are sounding far more fun filled!

Natalie said...

You're a way better mom than i am. For our fall break I am planning on a lot of "it's finally nice outside, go jump on the trampoline." or "go do sidewalk chalk on the driveway. i'll tell dad not to get mad at you." (ryan loves sidewalk chalk!). When the excitement of those activities is taken for granted i will suggest pulling weeds or cleaning out drawers and closets. My kids are so fortunate to have me. And i'm not letting them read your post...

jessica said...

You are so nice...soooooo nice. My girls have been to Chucky Cheese twice for other kid's birthdays. I just drop off and pick up. That's how I roll...

Lauren in GA said...

You make me laugh. I Laughed at the Tom and Jerry "shtick" that your boys engage in. That is a great way to describe it. I also laugh at your reference to saying that you saw wild animals...and then featuring the adorable pictures of your kids...or their respective bums.

...and I liked the "booked" it to the library. You are a funny girl.


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