Monday, November 8, 2010


Honestly. Does Holiday shopping stress you out? I try to not let it, but let's face it. It does. The lists are long, the lines are long, money is tight and people should be happy, but most of them are GRUMPY.

Most of the people on my list are getting Pampered Chef. (CAN YOU BLAME ME?) And, in order to save your sanity, I have decided to share some of Pampered Chef's greatest gift ideas. Honestly, there isn't a person I know, cook or non-cook, who wouldn't love a scoop, or a spatula stuffed in their stocking or tied to the top of their box.

I also have a little GIFT for you. For you local peeps. If you are willing to come and pick it up at my house, I am offering FREE SHIPPING. Yup. You heard me. FREE. Because I love ya. And because if you have read this far, I REALLY love ya. If you want some items for yourself, be sure to send me your wishlist, and send your husband my phone number. He will get free shipping too. (Ps- if you don't live by me, you can host your own catalog show and get free shipping to your house! Kara Kelly just got $90 of FREE PRODUCTS for her own catalog show. How is THAT for a Merry Christmas, and cheap shopping? However, I think it was all a present for herself. :) Oh, I guess you can do a catalog show if you DO live by me too. I'm easy like that.

Does anyone else hate shopping for the men in your life? Seriously. Mine are tough, and they have everything already. But guys love grill tools, and ours are awesome. The grill tools aren't even pictured here! But HERE is a link, you're welcome.

Are these classic batter bowls the cutest gift ever? I am sure you sister would LOVE to get these cute bowls, stuffed with a few goodies. I just love the presentation.
I have to admit, these new Bamboo Bowls are seriously beautiful. A total piece of art. I am sure you momma would be grateful to throw that old wooden one in the TRASH!
In my family, Pie is BIG.
Who would have thought an oven mitt could double at as a stocking!
In my family, Pizza night is a Friday night tradition. Maybe it should be in your family too.
Quick and cheap? A scoop. Love 'em. Once you have ONE, you will want them ALL. Need a teacher gift? Give her a scoop with your favorite cookie recipe attached. Perfect.

Beautiful and festive? The Tiered Serving Tray. In the Holiday Catalog, they have it topped with greens on a table. Great idea. I think I will be adopting it.
And these stainless steel bowls will seriously be going to someone in my family, because they really really want them. Your wish is my command.



Jeanelle said...

CUUUUUUTE! Love the ideas and presentation. But is it wrong that I only want to buy everything for myself???? I just got invited to a party but I'm going to decline because hello, if I'm gonna buy PC stuff, I'm calling YOU! xoxo

Carrie said...

Fabulous ideas! Love PC!

Leah said...

I've been blog absent for a while and just read your posts. First, holiday shopping does not stress me out because in both my family and my husband's fam we don't buy presents for each other. And so for my kids, I try to do it in November and make it super simple. They can ask for one thing and the rest is a surprise.
But buying teacher gifts, now that one has caused ABSOLUTE PANIC over the years because as you know our boys have like 10 specialists working with them. I hate teacher gifts. I'm getting better at it, but I still hate it. I want to thank them with all my heart and gifts can never quite do the trick in just the right way and I never know just what to give them without spending hundreds of dollars.

So what is your phone number? :)

Linsey said...

If only I lived closer! What great gift ideas.


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