Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Obsessions

Abby gets obsessed with Christmas. Every. Single. Year. Out of all my kids, she is the most obsessed with material objects. She always has been. When she was little and bored in the back of the car, she would obsess about something and get stuck on it.

For example.

We would be driving and suddenly hear: "Birthday cake?"

We would ignore her and keep talking or whatever and she would say, "Birthday Cake?"

We would look at each other and start laughing, and she would say, "Birthday Cake?"

Almost as if she asked for it enough times eventually, she would get it.

We finally just made up a song about all of her favorite things and start singing it. "Birthday Cake, Sucklebus (popsicle), Donut, Donut, DONUT! lalalala!"

She would get so stumped that she would finally stop repeating the thing that she wanted.

It was awesome. Peter and I are pretty talented at times.


Abby is obsessed. Once again.

Last year it was a Zhu Zhu pets.
The year before that, it was a Robot Dog.

I wish I could remember what it was before that, because it is ALWAYS something. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR!

This year it is PENBO.

Conicidentally, she had an assignement at school called Persuasive Vocabulary Commercial Project.


Abby was BORN for this.

Her commerical on the back reads:
This robot Penguin is cute, funny, and talkative. It's so cute everyone will be bothering you to play with it! (A number one reason someone should NOT buy something... it will make other people bother you! :) You'll love this cute and fun toy following you around. Everyone should get it and hve it in their house! Buy one soon because Penbo wants a caring friend!

Penbo is a lotta dough. Mommy refuses to buy Penbo. Abby still thinks that if she talks about Penbo enough, she will get it. Mommy refuses to buy Penbo based purely on Abby's obsession with it. Abby will open all of her Christmas presents Christmas morning, and there will be NO PENBO. Mommy has already TOLD Abby that Penbo costs $$ and mommy only spends $$$ on Christmas and so, if mommy bought Penbo, then Abby would only get Penbo and one or two other things. Mommy tried to convince Abby that would NOT be fun for Christmas. Mommy doesn't think it worked, but Mommy will NOT have Penbo under the tree. Abby will NOT be getting Penbo from Mommy.

(buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, she might be getting it from G-pa and K-lo)


Natalie said...

i have never even heard of this little creature. our kids have told us that they are done with toys. they want electronics. i wonder if they are going to be sad when there is really only one thing under the tree for them this year...
yesterday i was driving the kids home from school and i asked our neighbor girl what she wanted for christmas. A grand piano. it might be a sad christmas at their house too.

The Wright Family said...

I think you need to show that girl the old movie "A Christmas Story." "I want a Red Rider BB gun...."

Hillary said...

Penbo?? At least it's not that walking dog that POOPS!!! No joke I have seen the commercials and the dog walks and takes a dump. I told my girls...don't EVEN think about it!

jessica said...

Never heard of it either. My girls are stuck on American Girl dolls...WHY!!!! Thank heaven for grandparents!

Linsey said...

Hooray for grandparents! Penbo? I'm looking this up right now.

Lauren in GA said...

I am not lying...we walked into Radio Shack on Black Friday and this little Penbo robot was sitting there...looking right at us with its big eyes...and I thought of your Abby. (because of the post you did where she sent you an e-mail.)

I love that picture of her from the past. I also enjoyed reading her term for popsicle. I now want to refer to popsicles as sucklebusses.


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