Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another year, another love

Oh. Man. My little blog life has completely gotten away from me! I have blog posts lined up from here to Timbuktu and I don't have the time to post them all. We just got back from a vacay (is there such a thing as vacationing with a 1 1/2 year old? No.) and it was the first one we have had in a LONG time. It was nice, but not very relaxing. (ahem. Kaylie.)

But, before I move on any further, I need to post the latest Jaxon news. There is a new love in his life. MOVE OVER MICHELLE. There is a new girl in town, and it looks like she has the corner on your man.

Before we left for our trip, Jaxon came home with his backpack stuffed with papers. Those papers included a few that were carefully stapled together and gently stuffed in his backpack (others are stuffed not so nicely). At first, I thought his teacher had put some special art work in there, but then I got a closer look. The art work, was more like . . . LOVE work.

Not sure who wrote whom first, but I will tell you right now Rian. Jaxon is an ARTIST. NOT a writer. Sorry. This first pic would be Jaxon's rendition of the lovely couple. Apparently, Rian wears some pretty fine head decor. But each is a lovely shade of blue.
And this right here would be Rian's rendition. Her rendition is a little more realistic. Jaxon, completely blonde in all ways with blue (okay, he has green but who is paying attention) eyes, and Rian, in her natural color with fabulous pig tails. Love. It.
But this is where it gets REALLY good. Rian actually has the wherewithal to profess her affections.

Jaxon my friend. Hold on to this one. Girls who like the "funny boy" are rare in numbers.

Ps- I would like to give a special "thanks" to Rian's mom for not calling the teacher and expressing her concern over Jaxon's affections toward Rian. And kudos to both Rian and her family for loving Jaxon for who he is. :)


Linsey said...

This is very sweet. Yea for Jaxon!

Natalie said...

oh to be young and in love. crue is in love with a rodeo queen he saw this summer at a rodeo. her picture hangs at crue level on the fridge. he talks about her everyday. As for Mr. jaxon, the 'appreciates funny' thing...yep, she's a keeper:)

Taeya said...

Love it!!!

Shanakin Skywalker said...

I'm with Rian. I like the funny guy! Good choice.

jessica said...

This is so dang adorable! So worth keeping forever...

I miss you. Things have been crazy around here. I totally feel your just got home from a trip pain. I refuse to call it a vacation because it was anything but!

liz said...


Lauren in GA said...

That is so cute. I like the headband that Jaxon made for his lady love in the picture he drew.

Emily said...

my Ryan is in love with the girl at the fabric counter at Hobby Lobby, I can get him to go in Hobby Lobby happily if I tell him that Lindsay is going to be there(yeah I pretty much know her schedule....a little stockerish, but it works).

I LOVE Jackson's pictures! young love!


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