Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Bachelor Re-cap . . . Women go crazy.

I almost did a post about something other than the Bachelor last week. Seriously! I almost did! It would have been awesome. . . but, The Bachelor is almost over, so, soon. Soon.

I am sorry I didn't get a post about the show up last week! I was watching it with a friend and was able to get all of my, "Whaaaaaaaaaaa?" "No she DIDn't" and "huuuuuuuuh?" moments out.

Most of them had to do with what Chantel chooses to wear. I am sorry. I don't like that kind of cattiness. I really don't. I refuse to let my kids talk that way, I usually don't like hearing OTHER people talk that way, but seriously. Chantel was not lookin' her best. . . oh wait. . . was she ever? All I can think back on is the many poor choices in dresses at the rose ceremonies. I wish I could do a montage. Holly seems to be able to find any screen shot she wants. Holly, will you please put together a montage of Chantel's poor dress choices? Thanks.

Moving on. . no, that CAN'T be all I can say about the African Safari, can it? Nope. First of all, back to what they were wearing. I have to hand it to Emily to always look freakishly perfect even in the jungle with ratty un-curled hair. Seriously. Props to that girl. She always looked hot. I know that is the reason SOME of you don't like her, but, really, she seems super-de-duper nice. Doesn't she? I really have not found a down side to that girl. I like her. Plus, every man needs a woman who can bring him down a notch. And I am not saying that Emily cuts him down or anything, but Brad seems like a rambunctious puppy. And Emily just might be the calming nature he needs to finally "settle down".

Speaking of rambunctious puppy. . .

See that there in the driver's seat? That is Brad's twin brother driving the car. I sure hope they are somewhere in the desert because he is drinking a Bud-light while driving, and I am pretty sure that is illegal. Why bother with the seat belts guys? But you can see Brad the puppy in the back seat. He might as well have his head stuck out the window with his tongue flapping in the wind. Ladies. Does this video say 38 year old man to you? I think not. Emily, Chantal. . you can have him. But then again, I have never been a huge Brad fan. However, he might be ready for a real relationship THIS time. But we all know how long these relationships last.

I was laughing last night that his "significant other" told him to not be too happy to see the women from the show. HA! Already got a grip on that guy huh? That seems more like a Chantal move, than an Emily move. If Emily did say that. . she said it in that super sweet southern drawl, and didn't really insist. And the video montage they showed last night of Brad being a spaz. . . like I said. Puppy.

Okay, let's move on now to the Women tell all, and the most important details of the night. First off, if they pick Ashley H. to be the new bachelorette, I will be seriously disappointed. Like, DeAnna Papas disappointed. And if you have been with me through all the Bachelorette seasons, you should know that is VERY DISAPPOINTED! I just started to get really irritated by her whining and "do you like me" insecurities. I don't think she would be that much fun to watch. Seriously. But, you all know I will. I would NEVER go so far to say that I won't watch. DUH. WINNING.

Just kidding. What would a blog post be without a reference to the biggest melt down this week. Classic.

Okay, now on to Michelle. She drove me crazy. But watching her last night was weird. I didn't feel bad for her, because hey, you put yourself on a reality show, and that is what you are going to get, but EW. . . Alli really showed HER ugly side. Yuck. I am not saying Michelle should have left her 5 year old at home. We all know that she went on the show to "further her career" and I am sure she thought that was going to be great. But can you imagine the backlash you are going to get from a 5 year old if you have been gone for a month? I can't.

She was probably regretting it at that point.

And as for her craziness. It was clearly an act. Or was the crying last night. I don't know, you tell me. What I saw was a girl who is a little insecure, a LOT over exposed, and I dunno. But she did give us the best entertainment of the season. Thanks Michelle!

On a last note. Did you hear Reality Steve was wrong? That is what he is saying. You know what I think? I think the Bachelor producers are having a complete heyday wreaking havoc on Reality Steve and spoilers or not. I still can't figure out who he chooses. They haven't shown him standing out by himself until last night. And they have only shown Brad crying (hard) on Emily's shoulder. . which is strange, and getting mad at Chantal and her saying, "After all this, you better put a ring on my finger!" Nice touch Chantal. I think I may have said something like that right before I got engaged, but there wasn't a "plan B" or "second option" waiting in the wings. I may have saved that little morsel until AFTER you have the ring on your finger. No?

Happy watching kids! I have read the spoilers and I seriously STILL don't have any clue who he is going to pick, but I can't wait to find out!


jessica said...

I think he will choose Chantel...how could he not after seeing the family he is marrying into. I'm not sure he is ready for the whole "dad" thing. He can hardly commit to a woman let alone a child. He's way too immature. I thought Ashley was totally trying to sell herself as the next Bachelorette.

Jeanelle said...

Watching Michelle fall apart last night was sort of awful. I don't think she's that good of an actress so it's gotta be more real than not. But what WAS that freak out? I still don't get it. I mean, really. I don't get it. I don't know how it all became about her daughter. I also think that there is a lot with the editing because look at how many of the girls said they like her? I think Michelle loves the camera and the spotlight and it overtook her and now she's paying the price (paparazzi stalkers / the news about her and the b-ball player / etc.) Loved Ashley H's new hair though although I would hate her as the bachelorette. The other Ashley is super cute and sweet but she needs voice lessons because her baby-talk voice GRATES on my last nerve. I'm hoping it's going to be the girl not chosen next Monday because I like both of them the most out of any of the girls. Okay, what else did I want to tell you. Chantal's leopard like top/dress that they showed in her filmed footage? Atrocious. Very Pebbles/Flinstones-esque. Ugh. Next week is gonna be good. SO wish we could all watch at the same time and IM/text about it, at least. Dang time zone differences!!! love ya!!!

Natalie said...

I don't like ashley. she's not any more ready for marriage or settling down or doing anything for the "right reasons" (how many times did we hear that last night???) than i am to cook dinner tonight, which is not ready AT ALL. great to hear a lindsey recap. i missed it last week:).

Arian said...

Oooh, so the spoilers that talked about him picking Chantal might be wrong?? I so hope that is true! I don't want him to pick her. I see that lasting for about 3 months. If he picks Emily, I think she will seriously be able to whip him into shape. I love that I talk about this stuff like it is real and a major part of my life. Ha ha.

I might just stop watching Bachelor for the first time in it's history, if they pick Ashley to be the Bachelorette. BORING!

Sarah said...

Yo! So the kicking Michelle while she was down part was hard to watch. She couldn't even breath and they kept punching her in the stomach. It was rough. I know you think she was acting, but I think she was crying "for the reals".

The worst dress of the year belonged to the girl who got kicked off of Jake's season. They needed to put a blurry patch on that girl in the editing room!

It's funny how they slammed Michelle for leaving her daughter...Emily did the same thing.


Jill said...

Chantal obviously has tons of money...so why does she always wear that green shirt!!?? It's cute, but come on, venture out.
Anyways, I don't know who he'll pick either. It's driving me crazy. I think he likes Emily more, but he's more comfortable with Chantal...hmmmmm. The suspense. So good!
I didn't feel bad for Michelle one bit. You dish it out, you gotta handle it. She bugs. I have friends who know her that say she is normal, but I still don't believe them. Never gunna like her.


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