Friday, March 25, 2011

My Uniform

I have a uniform.

I wear a v-neck t-shirt,

and a pair of sweatpants.

I tried to take a picture for you,

but it wasn't flattering. (Hard to imagine WHY, huh?)

So, I didn't post it.

The outfit is NOT meant to impress.

But, I wear it almost every day.

Many people have seen my in my "uniform".

The ladies I car pool with,

my visiting teachers,

any repair man.

I really don't care.

I mean, I REALLY don't care.

I am comfortable.

And almost no one can sees me in it.

Except for the people I mentioned before.

Sometimes I don't shower. . .

until 3 in the afternoon,

when I have to go somewhere.

I read Cjane.

She wears Mumus.

She is proud of her Mu-mus.

In her vlog today, she and her sister are wearing mu-mus.

They look comfy.

But I am not sure I can pull it off.

She said they get them at Dillards.

I searched for "mu-mus" on Dillards website.

Guess what,

They aren't called mu-mus anymore. They are called Patio Dresses.

I think I like that term more.

So much more, I think I want a patio dress.

Do you want to see me in a patio dress?

Or in my uniform?

Let me know.

Here are some patio dress options.

I think I am in love.

I think I would have to go with a longer mu-mu because I am so tall. I think the short one would be a disaster.

Which mu-mu do you like?

If I get enough comments on this post, I will buy the preferred mu-mu and post a picture of me in it on my blog.

I will decide what is enough comments.

As a side note, I feel sorry for the patio dress model. I am sure when she got to work that day she thought, "and what about me says, patio dress exactly?". . .


jessica said...

Number 1 for you...but I could NEVER pull it off...NEVER! Please don't do the flowers...that is just too much print for me.

Danika said...

HA HA! I've never noticed your "uniform" before. I think we all have certain things we wear to be comfortable in our own homes.

I agree with Jessica above. Either of the plain ones are nice looking, the flowers scream "old woman mumu" (trust me, my mom has them). And they would probably be less warm in the summer than sweats...

PS - I cannot believe you haven't posted anything about the end of the Bachelor, the new Bachelorette, or the first week of DWTS! But I guess I'll let it slide because it's spring break...

mamazita said...

LOL...I think you could TOTALLY pull of the patio dress.

I read cjane....she is on a mmumu kick....she is prego...maybe you should have another't kill me

I like the blue one....nice and long.

She also buys them from thrift stores. We could go shopping if you want.

Lauren in GA said...

Yeah...I think, "patio dress" is a much more flattering name than "mu-mu". ☺

I like choice #1

Natalie said...

mumu #1 please. are 'patio dresses' affordable? (as in cheap)
I think that arizona summers call for an airy grandma dress. i don't think it will do a thing for my marriage but i might get me a mumu anyway. good thing my marriage is solid...

I officially declare this the 'summer of the mumu!' let the summer begin!

Lindsay said...

Haha! My mom has always worn patio dresses, I must say I have been tempted by the absolute ease of it. But then again, I don't want my husband to think of my mother when he sees I'll stick to my uniform of black exercise pants and t-shirt.


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