Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Little Man

It's Wade's birthday week.

I really wanted to do a little Birthday Quiz like one of my friends does for her kids on their birthday. She does it every year, posts it on her blog for posterity, and it is so cute. However, I tried it with Wade, and it didn't turn out so well. I guess I will have to try it when he is a little older. Most of the answers I got were completely inaudible. But hilarious.

I cannot tell you how much I adore this little man. He came into my life as such a ray of light. It was one of those times where life was in balance, things were happy and a baby was brought into our family. I will never forget it. I have said, for almost 4 years now, that if all my babies can be like Wade, I would have had a bundle. Serious.

But they aren't. And that is what makes each and every baby that you have so special. They are all so unique and different. And I love that about them as well. But Wade came to me at a special time. I say things were happy, but we had just gotten Jaxon's diagnosis of Autism. (This is the original link) So, I prayed every day that baby boy would not have the same issues that Jaxon does. I cried when I found out it was a boy, because I knew that the chances were greater with a boy, than having a girl.

I watched him like a HAWK from birth. Every smile, every developmental milestone (those who have kids with issues know that you must know when all of these milestones took place because you fill out thousands -literally- of questionnaires about your child). He met every mile stone on time, or early, and my heart soared with happiness each time.

I obsessed over his toes.

He has shown his amazing zeal for water. Several times.

And his laugh is completely infectious. He still laughs EXACTLY like this when he is laughing really hard.

He has been my buddy.

But it's been more good than bad. As a matter of fact, the little guy has turned into a little lady killer.

This picture is kinda wonky because I wanted to capture the true essence of the moment. We had just hopped out of car, and Wade is one of those kids that I don't have to hold hands with. He is always on my tail, never runs away, and always listens if you say stop, go, or wait. I turned around to make sure he was there, like he always is, and this is what I saw.

My little dude, with his shades on, walking like it ain't no thing, into Hobby Lobby. It made my heart so happy to look down at him and he was just, bein' himself. And I love it.

Just moments earlier, we had stopped at a stop light. Wade likes to roll his window down and talk to the people next to us if his window is unlocked. There happened to be a 20 something girl in the car who looked over at him. He smiled, and waved, she waved back and smiled. Wade glanced over at me and said, "She's cute!" I started to laugh, and she noticed he was talking to me, so, I told her what he said, and she instantly told her friend and they started into rolling laughter. Wade, had the biggest smile on his face. It was a classic Wade moment. He loved it. The girl, the giggling. He was mighty proud of himself.

I am so grateful for this little boy. I spend so much time with him throughout the day. Most of the time, he is right by my side. Just hanging out. He is such a blessing. I hope he has a great 4th year.



Charms by Buffie said...

Happy Birthday to Tatum's MOST favorite preschool boy--"Waders!"

McB's said...

ok that was a crack up!!! loved that story of the girls in the car :) kids say the funniest things and i love how they have their own little cute personalities.

Lauren in GA said...

Awwwwwww. Happy Birthday to your awesome little man.

I love how you described him, "walking like it ain't no thing, into Hobby Lobby". He sounds so, so, delightul.

Natalie said...

i love it when we feel so in love with our babies. And it sounds like a baby (even if he is a big boy now) like wade makes it so easy to be in love:). you're a good mama.

now i am all lindsey caught up. I've fallen behind in my stalkerish ways. i totally missed your bachelor finale thoughts by the way.
love to you!!


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