Friday, April 22, 2011

38 and counting


It is just a number.


The sad thing is, I remember my father's "Over the Hill" party. Ohhh. . he was so old. RIGHT?

Just a few short years away.

38 is definitely NOT what I thought it would be.

I don't feel a day older than say, 28, in my mind.

Here is to hoping my mind stays young.

Because I KNOW there is no hope for my body. . . with gravity and all.

2011 and 38 are going to be a BIG BIG year for this family.


I will tell you why soon.

But, right now, my only intention is to CELEBRATE.


Danika said...

Hope it's a fun day and a fabulous year for you! You definitely deserve it! :)

Nicky said...

Happy Birthday!! I am a long time lurker and thought today would be a good day to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Wishing you the BEST YEAR EVER!!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it is a great one. You are great and I don't think you are old at all;)! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year! Curious what the BIG news is...

Lauren in GA said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I'm excited to hear why this will be a big year for your family! When you are done celebrating, of course.

Jessica said...

Happy birthday! All I want back from 20s is my metabolism, and an unlined forehead. I love the experience and wisdom and peace I've gained with age. Wishing you a year filled with those, and if you figure out about the metabolism...let me know.

Jenny said...

Come on! I want the BIG NEWS....darn the teasers..... Happy Birthday!

Jeanelle said...

I just wrote on your wall but I know you love comments most of all (ooh a rhyme) so I'm commenting here to say I hope this is a great year (oooh another rhyme!) You make me smile, you make me laugh. You're so famous that I want your autograph. (Seriously, I'm out of control.) I hope you know I'd love to bake, for you, birthday girl, a giant cupcake. (That's all I got.) LOVE YA!!!

Jeanelle said...

(okay, seriously, was that not the BEST COMMENT EVER? I think it totally was.)

The Grant Family said...

Happy Birthday!!! Whoohoo!!!

Shanakin Skywalker said...

Was it your bday? Happy Birthday! I'm actually having weird gratitude at approaching 40. Older, wiser and all... It will be fun to celebrate our "oldness and wiseness" with you in August at the reunion. Are you planning on attending? Email me.

jessica said...

I hope you celebrated with some yummy food and good times...So far I'm diggin' my thirties, I'm half way through now and I'm totally happy about it.


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