Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Much Ado about Hair

This morning, Abby had a hair bubble. You know, the kind that when you pull your ponytail back in a rubber band (or elastic, you choose) and it kind of bubbles. I mentioned it to her, and, exasperated, she said, "Can you do it?"

When I want to blow her hair, and she groans, I remind her that I would give ANYTHING to have someone blow dry my hair every day. She stops, but I relish the times right now when she WILL let me touch her hair, because I know that time is short. And I will take advantage of it now.

She brought a brush to me, and I brushed her beautiful naturally highlighted hair carefully as to get all the "bubbles" out. Do you know one time someone asked me if I highlighted my 5 year old daughter's hair? Um. No. I put the elastic in. . . a little (A LOT) higher that she normally does. She likes it at the nape of her neck. I wasn't really paying attention. Just doing it like I would normally do. When she walked into the bathroom to look at it, I admired my handy-work. It was cute. It bounced. It looked cheer-leader-esque. I liked it.

She returned from the bathroom a few minutes later.

Her hair was pulled back, to the nape of her neck. I smiled, and laughed out loud. "Ha!" You didn't like it! She said, "it was like clear up here!" Pointing to the very top of her head. I smiled, and laughed in my head. I am grateful. Very very grateful. Her look is plain, and not overstated. It is her, and that is okay with me. I hope it always is.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

After I dropped Abby off at school Wade insisted he wants a smoothie at Costco. Peter did my Costco run yesterday, and I informed Wade that we would not be going to Costco. He said, "But you are a GOOD mommy!" Inferring that good mommies do exactly as demanding 4 year olds want. I must admit. Guilty as charged.

He then told me he didn't like my hair. It was messy, uncombed, and up. In a pony tail.

He said, "Your hair doesn't look pretty". I didn't object.

A short time later, I got out of the shower. My hair was wet, but combed, and down. I walked into the living room and Wade said, "Your hair looks pretty, mom."

Who knew kids would develop their likes of hair so early?


Lauren in GA said...

My oldest would cry when I had my hair down when he was a toddler. He used to try and push it up (signaling me to put it in a pony tail) It was kind of weird.

I want someone to brush my hair. You can style it on top of my hair like a genie if you brush it for me. Having my hair brushed is bliss.

jessica said...

I have a post ready to publish on Maya's plain style...her and abby are two peas in a pod.


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