Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My little Giant.

Most people are surprised by my height. If they have never met me in person, they are VERY surprised. It they have met me in person the first thing people tell me is that I am tall, (Like I haven't noticed. . .but thanks) Anyway. . .

But, it looks like we will have another giant in the house.

Meet Kaylie.

We went and had a play date at Tamsen's house last week, and this is what I found. . . Kaylie, stands head and shoulders above the rest. These girls are only a few months apart, but here is Kaylie, looking down on top of her head. Head, and shoulders . . literally, above the rest.

That is okay. That is how I look at most people too.

Wade has an edge at being tall too, but he is not THAT much taller than his peers, but, still an inch or two still makes a difference! Tosh and Wade are only a few months apart as well, and Kaylie is about Tosh's height. CRAZY!

** Just a side note, Liv, Tamsen's little girl, IS on the small side of things, but still, it makes for a funny pic.


Anne said...

It reminds me of pictures of us from our college days! I was also a little on the small side. :)

Lauren in GA said...

I love how you said, "(Like I haven't noticed. . .but thanks)" I love it when strangers point things out that are completely obvious.

jessica said...

I always get 'You are So tiny!" And I always feel like a character from "The Little's"...Eden got Aric's height and poor Maya got mine. So far C looks like he might be in K's club.

The Grant Family said...

Okay, that is just CRAZY seeing your kids together with Tamsen's! Crazy!!! Anyway the height thing is pretty amazing too!


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