Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday Bayblade Blast

(i am almost certain this picture was taken by wade.....)

Jaxon has never had a birthday party. . . I know. It is kind of sad. But we have never had a birthday party for him because he has A) Never had enough friends and B) has never really cared.

But this year, he cared. As a matter of fact, all he ever talked about was HIS BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH FRIENDS!!!


That was an inside joke.. Jaxon says "crickets" all the time if there is a lapse in talking.

Anyway, he picked a BAD time to care, since we just moved in and he still has no friends.

Peter insisted on being in charge of the festivities, which I was completely happy to bag. I have a few other things going on, so, it was fine...

He had a very distinct vision of cupcakes that he would make.. It would be like an Ocean.. with a shark.. eating a smaller fish....

I said, I think you could roll the dough into a circle and cut out a mouth... kinda like Pac Man.... I think you can see who has the REAL creative vision in the family.

I think you can see how he liked it.

My sweet boy had all the patience in the world while he did homework, ate dinner and waited and waited to open those presents!!!

My neighbor came by a few days ago to introduce herself, and I in return said, WILL YOU PLEASE COME BE OUR BIRTHDAY PARTY? She brought her kids (3) and gift and an extension cord so we could try to put some dents in our wall by playing with a PINATA.. Another Jaxon "must-have" item.

Believe me, that was the most exciting Pinata I have ever seen!! I was sweating BULLETS!

But in the end, he had an amazing time, and an amazing birthday...


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Kimberley said...

OK, I must FAWN over those shark cupcakes!!!! Cutest things I've ever seen, and I am totally going to copy you! (er...Peter.)


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