Saturday, August 20, 2011

On a Bender

I went on a painting bender this weekend.

Painting is hard on a body. I wasn't even painting WALLS! I was painting Abby's furniture for her room so that I can GET to my walls, because I promised...

Anyway, I got to work on her desk, and some boxes that I have had in my playroom for... hmmm.. I don't know, 7 years???? They will no longer fit in the play room, and we had designs to get a trunk for the end of Abby's bed to hold her THOUSANDS of stuffed animals, but, why buy a trunk when you have a perfectly good set of box cubes that you can paint and put in her room?

The answer to that why question is, you just don't buy a trunk, you fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without..... Most of the time.

I also have a dresser I need to paint for her, and it is not yet under way... HOWEVER,

I have taken that mirror off the dresser and it is now serving a useful purpose.... Want to see?

I took the corroded mirror off of this little mount that was attached to her dresser. This is a picture of it upside down, but you get the idea.

And I painted it up like this. .

Can you believe those little rosettes? They were fastened on to that antique wood with the oldest rustiest nail... And that is it. They were just simple little pieces of wood. So cute.

I will tell you the paint that I used for BOTH of these projects, was seriously just a sample can of paint for $2.65 at home depot. It has done both jobs, and I am nearly through with it. Can you believe that? As Wade would say, "BOOYA YOU DIE". (Ps- That is Abby's cute desk that is getting primed under that frame. Cute huh? Don't let it fool you, it was a NIGHTMARE!)

I grabbed a few supplies at the store, mainly Michaels, and made Abby a super cute cork board that she can put stuff up on...
Some spray adhesive, cork, and some foam core cut to back your frame. It is nice to use the foam core, because you can punch holes in it, and the cork is thin, so, it will help hold the pins in when the board is up.

Measure you cork. Spray your board generously and voila. . . .

So easy.

Then, you take a look at the handle pulls that you just pulled off Abby's dresser... Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to use them, because there were a few missing.

So you make your kids sand them.

And you take pictures of them, because they are ANCIENT, and look how darn cute they are! You can't even believe how old these puppies are...

Then you prime them, and stick tacks to them with a hot glue gun with your disgusting looking hands that are covered in paint primer, glue and spray adhesive....

And then you paint them that crazy turquoise color and suddenly they look like little candies, and you can't stand how cute they are... or at least I can't anyway.

Can't wait to put it up in her room!

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abbyandcompany said...

Those are cute. I'm knee deep in projects, myself. Let's just say a certain cabinet didn't get sanded well and zinsser doesn't really want you to just use primer withouth sanding (even though it says that) so I literally PEELED the paint off the cabinet and tried again. Er, trying again. You go, girl!


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