Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It has finally hit me. . .

For years I have looked at other women, and thought... wow.

They have a LOT to do.

Why are they so busy?

They must over schedule their kids (yes, I judge sometimes... you do too.)

Why doesn't any one have time?

Why are they so harried?

What do they have going on in their lives that I don't?

Well my friends.

After 11 1/2 years of marriage,

and 10 moves,

and 4 children.

I have finally discovered what it is that makes you all so busy.


Today went as such:

Wake Up: 6:30
Walk for 30 mins
Make breakfast: 7:00
Eat breakfast and feed for kids 7:30
Read Scriptures: 8:00
Send kids to school: 8:20
Finish work out: 8:30
Do laundry 9:00 (On going)
Go to Lowes to pick up plants 9-10
Take home plants, get them out of car, do other various things in the garage along with field 3-4 phone calls. 10-11
Talk to landscaper 11:00-11:15
Take Wade to Preschool 11:15 (anyone notice I have yet to take a shower??? ???????? I HAVE!!!!!!!)
Drop off Wade 11:30
Go to Target: 11:45-12:30
Get home and shove a sandwich that my sweet husband made 12:45-1:00.
Respond to more phone calls/e-mails 1:00-1:15
Make a mad dash to pick up Wade: 1:45
Go to Grocery store for Dinner for missionaries that they JUST called to remind me about 2:00-2:35.
Unload groceries and load dishes in dishwasher 2:35-2:50
Go to Scouts (NEW CALLING) 2:50-4:15
Come home and make dinner for Missionaries 4:15-5:00
Make Brownies for missionaries while they are standing in your kitchen and completely forget the sugar in the brownies. 5:10.
Clean up Dinner 6:00
Find pump and needle for basketball pump up: 6:45.
Decide you need to go to yet ANOTHER store 7:00 p.m.
Get home at 8:30
Field more phone calls 8:30-9:00.
Apologize to people for having it take you 4 hours to call them back.
Make a to do list for tomorrow 9:15.

Do something mindless for 45 minutes and decide to write a blog post about how you finally get what those "busy" people were doing all that time.

I get it.


The Grant Family said...

I hear ya! I used to wonder why mom's with kids in school were soooo busy! Well, now I know. And besides, I still have one in kindergarten and one in preschool so I'm constantly on the move. 1:30 pm showers are pretty common. I sometimes wonder if it will get better when they're all in school all day, but then I think....who am I kidding! Somehow it will still be busy and maybe worse!

Kimberley said...

LOL!! A classic!

Danika said...

Scouts as your new calling? I just got called to scouts too (Bears with Buffie)! :)


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