Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boxing Out

The other night, I had a dream. It was about boxes... I was frantically searching around for boxes before a big move.

Story of my life right?

I was frantic, and wasn't sure I was going to be able to find enough boxes. I was searching high and low and I am pretty sure I broke into a sweat. . . in my sleep.

I woke up and thought, woah. THAT was a crazy dream.

I am purging boxes out of my house like nobody's business right now. I am tossing them out on the curb, and I hope to NEVER see them again.

I have a little confession, with living in rentals for the last three years, one knows they are going to be moving. Sometime, in the near future.

I kept boxes.

I never unpacked boxes.

I have things in my bedroom currently that I haven't seen for at least two years!

I folded up boxes and lined the walls of my garage with them.

I hid them in my food pantry,

my closets

and my basement.

I hoarded boxes.

And now. . .


Almost done.


cher said...

You know when you say 'boxing out' I'm having flashbacks to Wotjeck and Hartley right?? And all the graba** b&*$@^%. And dances with wolves. Ahhh.

Glad you're purging. It's one of the best feelings I know!

jessica said...


Mary said...

Yahoo!! I look forward to that day when I can join you in the "no box hoarding club"- I mean the no longer renting club!

Lindsay said...

yahoo! I hate renting too, it always feels like you have one foot out of the door...


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