Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Midnight

On a Friday night, and I am having a hard time winding down.
It is exhilarating at the store on a Friday night.
It was intense.
There were so many people waiting.
Waiting WAY TOO LONG for a pizza.
But our staff is new, and we were slightly under-prepared for such a big crush.
We did 57 pizzas on our first night, and 160 our second.
I was a crazy day.
I went over to the store earlier in the day to "ask Peter a question" and I got caught making dough balls because someone had a whole pile of dough on the counter, but had to go on break.
I put on an apron, and went to work.
I was basically in my pajamas.
I don't think anyone I knew came into the store.
Thank heavens.
Hopefully my apron made me look more official than I was.

I had Kaylie with me, and luckily, I had downloaded an App on my phone for puzzles. She is obsessed with it, and it gets me out of just about any bind I can think of with her.
I know.
Two year old.
But I guess that is how it is going to be for her.
With us starting this business.

I don't ever want to forget the vision of her, perched on two boxes, her bum on one, her feet on the other, playing her puzzles... Every once in a while, she would push the wrong button and someone would have to help her fix the app. Someone without gloves on or washed hands.

All along this is what Peter has wanted to do.
I mean, I wanted him to do what he wanted to do, and I wanted to do it too, but I didn't realize what my hand would be.

I'll be honest.
I love it.
I really love it.
I love the staff.
I love the environment.
I love it when I come home smelling like dough.
(I like dough)
I love that I worked over there for about 8 hours today. Sometimes with a kid, sometimes without.

I love the way Wade says Papa Murphy's.
I love the way my kids talk about it.
I love the pride that comes with being a small business owner.
I love making dough balls.
I love talking to people, and trying to make their wait a little shorter.

I just love it,
More than I thought I would.
I guess, in the end, I didn't realize how much I would be in the store.
And I probably won't be too often.
Because my kids need at least ONE parent.
And right now, I am all they have.
But I love being there.
It's an amazing feeling to know that you have worked so hard, and been through so much to make it happen.

I loved putting a smile on people's faces. People who have waited "10 years" "5 years" or however long to have Papa Murphy's pizza in their home town. And believe me, the stories that we heard today were NUMEROUS.

People were stalking our store until we opened. Just waiting, and waiting and waiting. And I have to say, that if I was in a town, that was waiting for a Papa Murphy's. I would have been stalking the store too to see when it opened.

I know how they feel. And I am so happy to bring them what they want.
Just a few more (okay 100 more) kinks to work out.
But we'll get there.

I just hope all the people who waited WAY too long for their pizza tonight, will be back.
It was Amazing.


Danika said...

I love that you're happy! You deserve it! :)
Glad to hear you're finally open. I made a homemade pizza last night and thought of you! :)

Linsey said...

Yea for you. I wish you nothing but continued success and joy in this venture.

jessica said...

I am so happy for you!!! Truly I am. I love watching your dream unfold...whoo hoo!

Melissa-Mc said...

Hooray! You so deserve all of this.


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