Thursday, November 17, 2011

Life is Changing

I think we are entering a new phase of life.

Kaylie is 2.
And potty trained (mostly)

Wade is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for school it isn't even funny. We are BOTH jones'n for him to be in school full time.

Jaxon is coming home from school and doing all of his homework by himself (and mostly correct).

Abby has finally gotten on track with school after a VERY difficult adjustment from the move. But is excelling now, and showing more and more aptitude than ever.

The kids came home from school today, studied and we had dinner together. As my kids all sat around the table, I was filled with gratitude that I have them. They are adorable, and each have such unique personalities. Sure, there are crazy days when I want to pull my hair out, but right at that moment, that EXACT moment, I was having an idyllic life. Other than the fact my husband wasn't at dinner, and may not be at dinner for a very very long time.

Kids took showers, and were clean and happy and it was such a simple day. So simple.

Then Kaylie peed on the couch.

But still, it was idyllic for a minute.

It makes me want to never sign them up for another extra-curricular activity again. It is just too simple to not. All that running around, and scheduling. It is nice, to just be home, and enjoying each other.

And I am just so grateful for them, and I can see the season changing. I am getting to the "have older kids" stage of life, and I think it suits me. Yeah, it does. I guess baby days are a little more difficult than I would like to admit for me. But there are still times when I see those babies and I remember how fun they (WADE) was/are. But so. much. work.

I am grateful for this moment. And as frustrating as it was to have our life be in limbo for three years, I see some method to it now. I don't think I could have done this work schedule with a small baby. Or with a couple small babies. It is better now, and we are blessed.

I guess you can't always see your future, but someone else can. Best just to rely on Him.


Danika said...

After the rain comes the rainbow! So glad you are all adjusting and enjoying your new phase of life! You deserve it! :)

I am not a fan of over-scheduling or lots of extracurricular activities either. Too stressful on everyone! Not to mention the cost of some of them!

Will Wade go to 1/2 day or full day kinder next year?

Tamsen said...

I was very happy to read this, and am thrilled that you are doing so well. I feel the same about leaving the "baby" stage. It's an interesting and exciting adjustment. I keep wondering how I can simplify (more) and I don't really feel like there is much fat to trim... Wish I could buy your pizza for dinner :)

jessica said...

This older kids stage is so weird...but I am finding myself loving it too, most days ;)


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