Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ants in my pants

A couple of weeks ago I found a big old army of ants on my garbage cans outside.   We haven't had an ant problem "yet" so, I just figured I'd call the pest people and have them come on out.... They did. A few days later, they were in my house! In my boys bathroom, next day, family room, next day, laundry room.... I figured this problem was not going to move  on by I finally called the pest guy AGAIN.

He came, put out bate.. I thought the problem was gone until today.  Nts moved to jaxons room, where they were crawling all over a swim suit, on their way to 5 empty pudding containers under his bed.
 Problem #1 millions of ants
Problem#2 secret food horder who ate all the pudding, and stuffed it under the bed.
Problem#3 jaxon took the swim trunks, and up them BACK IN  HIS DRAWER where all of his clean clothes are now covered in ants.

I hate ants.
Ants are hard to get rid of.
Ants may push me to the loony bin.
I want to go to bed and not get out.


1 comment:

Nurse Graham said...

Ants are so gross. It always makes me feel like a scuzzy homeowner when I have ants in the house. Hope the bait works & the ants vacate the area quickly.


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