Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School

The kids are back to school, Jaxon started last Wednesday at his old school. . . He seemed okay with going back. As long as everyone else was going back too. (He went to some summer school, and did NOT like that at all!) He is always a ham for the camera... 

 We get normal, 
 Tired of Posing
 Wait, LIKING posing. 
 REALLY liking posing. 
 Now I've done it. Taken ONE too many pictures. 
 I shoulda known....
 Abigail and Wade got into a Charter School. They teach a Classical Education. I am super excited about it. Because they are a great school, and I love the concept of Classical education. 
how hilarious is Wade's face?
 And I'm not going to lie, I like the uniforms. Abby got harassed mercilessly last year for the clothes she wore. I am just happy to have that out of the equation now! We can focus on school. HURRAY! Shirts must be tucked in for the boys, belts on, and no slouchy pants or hairdos. . .

 Wade walked into his classroom with the most sense of purpose I have ever seen in a 5 year old. He walked straight to his seat. Assessed the situation, saw that most people were coloring and went straight to work.

Like he was writing the code for the newest form of nuclear fusion. I'm serious. I didn't get a BYE MOM! Or a tear or a nothin'. This kid just went to work like it was his mission in life. Now that I think about it, maybe it IS his mission in life. He loves school, school loves him. I see a great blending of two very smart grandfathers here.....Pretty much, is options are limitless.  

Abby, being in 6th grade, would NOT let me walk her to class. Even on her first day, so, I walked myself there and took pics from the doorway. She is in the back of the room, emptying her backpack... Now that we have been in school for a week, I am realizing the blessing this school is for her. It is perfect for her. She is acting more confident in her abilities, and seems more focused and sure, and I love it. 

This is one of the things I love about their new school. The teacher in this pic was talking to them about how to form a straight line, how to shake hands, and greet a teacher. Administrators from the school stand all over in the morning and greet the students with a handshake. A student is expected to return the shake and say 'good-morning', and look that person in the eye. They care about respect, and they believe the having it, is the right way to live your life. . . . me too. 

 I have no idea where she gets her attitude from. None. 
heaven help me. 
 Kaylie went to school too. She is at Ms. Michelle's, where Wade went to preschool last year. I am not going to lie, Ms. Michelle's is NOT close to my house. However, after Wade finished preschool last year, I decided that Ms. Michelle was the best darn Preschool teacher any of my kids had ever had, and I wasn't going to lose her. Although I had told her that I was going to be putting Kaylie somewhere closer to me, I totally changed my mind in the middle of the summer and decided to put her in. SOMEHOW we got back in, and doesn't she just look ready for school. Uhhh huhhh. She's ready for sure. 

So far, so good!


jessica said...

You weren't have a ham on your hands. And I am so jealous of the uniforms!!!!

HeidiB said...

Uummm, no idea?? She's mini-me--but SO YOU!! Haga. Love it. So glad to hear school is starting so great!

Danika said...

Their charter school sounds a lot like CTA here. I love uniforms! Saves so much drama and money.


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