Friday, August 17, 2012


This is something that I just HAD to post. It know it has been all summer. ALL SUMMER, I never thought I would drift off so horribly. But, I can't help it. Having 4 kids in summer activities is juuuuuuuuuuust enough to be too much for me. And now, since school is starting, I am filling that time with work. But because my main motivation for blogging is keeping a record for my children, I MUST write about Wade.

He is touted as the Golden Child in our family. He is smart, cute, funny. He whistles, knows how to read (he hasn't started kindergarten yet), and he pretty much taught himself. He is smart as a whip, and remembers EVERYTHING you tell him, which is why I have to record these few stories for posterity.

Peter was taking Wade to football practice and the back seat was full. He decided to just let him sit up front for the short drive rather than unload all the boxes from his car. Wade was giddy with excitement stating the obvious fact, "I've NEVER been able to ride in the FRONT before!" Peter explained to him that was because there are airbags in the front seat, and if they go off, they could hurt him. Wade paused and asked, "What are airbags?"  Peter took to youtube for an instructional video and let Wade watch this.

Pretty intense and all. Wade got to practice, had football practice and when he returned to  Peter's car, got in veeeeeeeeeeeery cautiously, and after getting in, leaned waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over to the side over the arm rest almost all the way into Peter's side. When Peter asked what he was doing, he said, "I don't want the air shoots to hit me!" I didn't know all of this had taken place until the next day when Wade waltzed into the  kitchen and said, "Mom, will air shoots kill me?"

Wade has had a slight fascination with death lately, and I had NO IDEA what air shoots are. To be honest, we really discourage any kind of talk of guns and killing people in our house. I guess I just never want to plant that seed.. Anyway, I asked HIM what air shoots were and he said, YOU KNOW! The THINGS IN THE CAR!!!! I said, AIR BAGS? And he said YEAH!!!!

He was obviously traumatized, and I casually said they wouldn't hurt him, and later told Peter the story and he related to me the conversation he had with Wade. Wade is STILL concerned about it everyday, and today he was looking all over my car for the airbag insignia's and kept asking me where they all are. He is HORRIFIED by them.

Wade could be crippled for the rest of his life by irrational fears. If you don't remember this one, you definitely need to watch it again..   It's just a small glimmer of when his irrational fears started...

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