Sunday, August 19, 2012

Endzone Dance

I went up to my room tonight, after I had packed up all the school supplies that have been sitting on my counter and cluttering it for a couple of weeks now, and I felt like spiking a football and doing the football dance!!! I DID IT! I FINISHED YET ANOTHER SUMMER!

Actually, for the first time since I can remember having kids in school, summer wasn't all that bad. Actually, it was kind of enjoyable. My kids love going to the beach, and so do I, so, that makes for some fun. They were involved in a few activities, so many actually, that I was kind of sick of running around all the time. The only thing I DIDN'T like about summer this year was patrolling the television. It didn't matter if I said they could watch it or not, someone was always trying to sneak it in. Or watching it when I was gone, etc. I need to vamp a new plan for next summer where I don't have to be such a watch dog on the TV.

Jaxon and Abby started Piano this summer which has been such a blessing. Abby has just blossomed with it. I actually kind of liked that she had a year long break. She knew just enough about the piano that when she started back up with it, she felt confident and enjoyed what she was doing. Now she is putting together songs that I just never thought I would hear her play, and it makes my heart sing for sticking with it, even though she took a year off. Taking a year off was not intentional, I couldn't find a piano teacher! But now, I am pleased as punch that I persisted and she is doing it, and doing it well. LOVE IT.

I finally enrolled Jaxon as well. If you think you have a child who complains about something just ask if you can come hang out with Jaxon for a day. It DOES NOT MATTER that his job has been to empty the dishwasher every single day for the past two years. Every time I tell him to do it you would think that he has just been sentenced to a life term in prison. There is whining and complaining and huffing and puffing. I have become so immune to it that it doesn't even bug me anymore when he does it. (However, it drives me INSANE when my other kids do it) But I just expect it from him. #Autism. Ugh. I was hesitant to put him in piano because it would be yet ANOTHER thing I have to badger him to do. However, I have found out that if I ask him to practice ANY OTHER TIME OF DAY THAN RIGHT BEFORE BED, he wines, he moans, he runs away after only playing one song. But, if he practices RIGHT before bed, he just sits and plays all of his songs with absolutely NO complaining. I would think with him being tired that it would just be a million times worse. I am thankful for small miracles like this. I mean, I am lucky that A- I tried to get him to practice at a different time (it was a total fluke) and B- That I even NOTICED that he did such a better job! I am so grateful. Such a small mercy from Heavenly Father.

Wade starts Kindergarten tomorrow, and I am so excited for him! I am not sure if I will cry. I never have with the other kids. Maybe I will for him because I have such a soft spot for him, but on the other side, I am so excited for him to get to put his brain to use all day long because I have the BIGGEST battle with him, and wasting time. However, he LOVES to learn, so, I am happy that challenge will be placed with his teacher for a time.

Work has already started a full swing, and I had no fewer than 6 calls on Friday for fundraisers. Some of them for next week even! I am not sure yet how I will be all places and do all things, but I find that a way always comes together. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to make a difference with our business, but sometimes it takes a toll on my little family. Luckily, everyone seems to take it in stride. I am sure there will be lots of family memories of "going with mom in the trailer to do a fundraiser." Abby got her taste last week when I took her out in 100 degree weather and we baked 15 pizzas in a a trailer, with three ovens going,  with no air conditioning! I am not gonna lie, I was just as miserable as she was, but of course, I couldn't show it. MAN, it was hot.

So I sit here in my mostly clean house, waiting for tomorrow when my kids are going to wake up and leave the house and it will STAY mostly clean!!! I can't wait for that moment. But I am blessed with 4 great kids. Sometimes I look around the table and I cannot believe that I gave birth to every single one of them. Fed them everyday, changed diapers, nursed them through all sorts of sicknesses, and kept them alive for all of these days. It really is a miracle. So far, I have spent 4045 days being a mother. Can you believe that? I sincerely can't. I think that we have a selective memory because after that many days it just seems like it would be an impossible task. There were times in my life where I wasn't sure if I would have the privilege of being called "Mom" in this life, but I am so grateful that I am. So grateful that I have made it this far, and so grateful for the fantastic kids that I have.


cher said...

Loved this post, mainly because I totally identify with it. Different factors, yes, but still the same feelings.

Glad that life is good my friend.

Liesel said...

That's lots of days! I never thought of it that way, I just have slightly less days as I think Sophie is about 3 months younger than Abigail?

jessica said...

I am so stressed about school starting I can't even bring myself to write about it. We still don't know where we are going or if we are leaving in five weeks or ten. Should I send the girls or not...I don't know. I like reading about your normal life. It's busy, the piano, the school prepping, the pizza baking but it's so normal I can't help but be a little envious. I crave normalcy and I'm afraid I might just lose my mind waiting for it to come.


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