Thursday, July 3, 2008

50% off SALE

This cute girl JILL is selling her Lia Sophia for 50% off! (I knew that would get your attention.. here is the catch.. If you order, PLEASE tell her I sent you! She is doing a giveaway.. I am getting the Capri. Happy Shopping! :)

Not only that, but she is a little coupon crazy and she has some great tips! ENJOY! (I love referring bloggers...)


Jill said...

Boy do I love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks. I hope you get some referrals and win!!!!!!! You were so close to winning my last giveaway, I was excited thinking it was you and then Becky snuck in with her winning guess :)
You're awesome!

Jill said... you want me to order you the Cipriani necklace??
You can pay me with a check, or through pay pal. Let me know what you decide and I can figure out your total!!!


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