Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I can't believe

I have a 7 year old... I mean, it seems like just the other day we went to the hospital at 6:00 in the morning for a scheduled c-section. I have never seen my husband so excited. He was like a kid at Christmas waiting for his big present!(Can't you see the twinkle in his eyes?)We would stare at her in awe... we could coo and goo at her. Not to say the others aren't as special....
But there is something so amazing about your first.Her personality is infectious..She didn't have much hair, but we "worked" what she had.
She could engage ANYONE around her and make them smile.
And she has always loved putting on a show.

When I look at her now.. sometimes it seems like it was AGES ago... and sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday. I can't believe I have a SECOND GRADER!(Abby's first day of Second Grade)
I mean, cuz, I actually remember ME at that AGE!



Melissa-Mc said...

It is really wierd when you can remember when you were your kids' ages. My daughter just went into Beehives. It seems like a was just barely doing that myself.

nurse graham said...

I think Abby is great. I will miss seeing her at smiling face at school and at church. She is a great girl.

Heather Graham

Ilene said...

2nd grade was a good year. I hope she enjoys her new school!


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