Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Bachelorette

I was over at m.writes today and saw she posted about the Bachelorette last night! I was stunned! I thought I was the only reality TV junkie in the WORLD! It is nice to know I have the company of a very talented and what I would call great girl.. (I guess that means that I am not so bad).

I started to post a comment on her blog and it was a page long! So, I guess I need to vent it out a little here....

FIRST: Poor Jeremy. Ok, I know many people are creeped out by his perfection. His house was a little strangely perfect, but seriously... is that a BAD thing? (Maybe that shows some control freak issues.. but I live with a control freak (oh.. I mean myself) and I don't think it is THAT bad.. :) Ok, maybe it would be bad for DeAnna because SHE IS A CONTROL FREAK!

Now on to: Deanna! I can't BELIEVE she wasn't a WEE bit embarrassed by her rant on TV last night. I mean, "YOU GUYS SHOULD BE PAYING ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION TO ME!" Geesh.. I mean, can't people just hang out? I am with Chris on that one.. I mean, they are just a bunch of "guys" hanging out.. It is just me? Or is she turning into the above aptly named title..?Hmmmmmmm?? Just a weeeeeeeeeee bit??? She was AWFULLY cold hearted to Jeremy and it is not like he scorned her or anything like that! He gave her 100%!!! All the time! Even MORE sometimes! (Ps- let me just throw a little shout out to Chris Harrison. I love that man. He is seriously so funny. The whole mullet segment was so funny I had to rewind it and watch it again. He is great on the fly and the outtakes that they show of the bachelor, the funniest are always of him.)

Jesse... really? For real?? Do you REALLY want to get involved with a guy who is JUST NOW figuring out what he wants to do for a CAREER??? And who "thinks" he can stop "Shredding" for Love? Ugh. Really? Stop me now..

Now.. Jason I can see.. They had fun, he is nice guy, obviously sensitive.. great with his boy.. Ok, I can see it.. But I have heard of a spoiler out there.. and I want to know WHAT IT IS.. because you all know I HATE SURPRISES!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Graham.. That is because he is not worthy of mentioning. What an emotionally incompetent to commit poop with no upper lip. Seriously. Too strong? Oh, sorry. I guess I just think there are too many of THOSE in the world.. Sorry George. ;)


marta said...

kay, i totally love you for this. yes, deanna is a bit of a drama queen isn't she and she seems totally not over graham yet. what's with that?!

i laughed out loud when jesse kept saying 'shredding' and that he just wanted to be 'happy'.. that doesn't really bring home the bacon, does it? but it's cute he calls her 'D'.

and jason is super cute but sorta too cheesy. i don't know.. .i think the whole thing is so silly. but i love it. am glad you're loving it too. must talk next week..

Jeanelle said...

I just posted my own epistle about last night's show. FUNNY! :) And I kept the episode to rewatch the mullet part too! I so enjoy Chris Harrison - he is highly underrated.

Rich's said...

THANK YOU for saying what all of were most likely thinking!!! She's a brat! I used to like her because I kind of felt bad when she didn't get picked last time on the bachelor. But she's OBVIOUSLY NOT over Brad...who by the way I think was noble and did an honorable thing by NOT choosing someone just because he was "supposed" to. Deanna bring him up ALL the time and tries to make him out to be a bad guy. I have to admit that she reminds me of Jessica Simpson sometimes and doesn't know how to say or pronounce the word "IMPORTANT"! She says, "impordant" Bugs me! Anyway, I kind of wish she'd ended up with Grahm, mainly because I don't think she's worthy of Jeremy OR Jason. Okay, now I'm said it all! :)

laceyJ. said...

Hi Lindsay! If you wanna know where I read those crazy spoilers, click here:


(Read the second post down.)

Though- you never know- it may not be legit. But, at least this gossip will get us through until next week! :)

Jill said...

Oh, I love you! This post rocks. What is the spoiler...? What the?? You're killing me now.

So...I picked Jason from the start. I hope it's him. I do think Jesse is a cool dude, but yeah, a little immature still in the "being a provider" business! I am DYING to see who she picks. My husband didn't like Jeremy too much, but I thought he was cute and super nice.
This show is crazy, but I'm hooked. Thanks for the post. It feels so good to talk about it!!!!!

Jill said...

Oh yeah...the title is hilarious but I'm not quite ready to call her that yet.
and Graham.
What a cocky son of a ????

Anne said...

Are you kidding me about Jeremy?!?!? The guy has been the biggest dork from the start! Their entire relationship was built upon the fact that they both lost parents. Are you kidding me? I lost my mom too. Still not in love with Deanna. Your evaluation of Jesse is spot on. I want to like him, but shredding? Really? Really. Now Jason I can get behind. Let's just hope he pulls it off. Now, as to you personally. I've lived with you, and I NEVER thought you were a control freak. So, you can't be THAT bad! Love your show Lindz!

Melissa-Mc said...

Funny! I have been entertained many an hour by Bachelor & Bachelorette, but I haven't watched it in about 3 years or so. Looks like this has been an entertaining season.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog--the striped walls are painted...it was a lot of taping off and painting!

~ Sarah

Andie said...

I'm SO glad you haven't mailed my package yet. I barely managed to scrape myself back together after Tuesday's great news and headed straight to the mailbox yesterday. TWO days late. But I hope it's worth the wait. I had to keep editing myself, as I do have a LOT of favorite things.

Drop me an email when you can.


or my first name plus my last@cox.net (no spaces)

erin said...

Jill knows how obsessed I am with this show, so she sent me your link.
I too am soooo glad that I am not the only one out there that LOVES these reality TV shows. I love watching the Bachelor/ette, and live for each episode.
Anyway's, I was so sad to see Jeremy leave. I thought he was so sweet and would have given Deanna the world and you could totally tell he was into her. With his cleanliness, I wouldn't complain, who wouldn't like a clean home.
I felt bad for him when Deanna shared she was engaged..did you see his reaction?
Anway's, I could go on forever about the show, so I better stop. I just hope in the end Deanna picks Jason..til next week...

calibosmom said...

I can't believe I haven't been watching this. This sounds like some good stuff. THanks for updating me though...I get my usual trashy tv updates from The Soup.


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