Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Crack

You have your Baby Einstein Videos, you have Barney, you have Dora and Boots, spend your hard earned cash on it all.... but, you might as well throw your money in the garbage if you have NEVER tried BABY SONGS. You are missing out on the best 30 minutes of your life... I mean that 30 minutes where you can leave your baby in one room (or the same room)and do something else in ANOTHER room and do it un-interrupted! (PS- I am NOT advocating leaving your baby unattended...mmkay?)

Now, some of you might be highly opposed to such a prospect but for those of you who are looking to take a shower, wash the dishes, curl your hair or USE THE BATHROOM without a wee one pounding on the door, THIS would be it.

I have to warn you ahead of time though. The songs are highly addictive and I found my self, LONG AFTER the kids had gone to bed and the brain candy had been turned off, singing these little diddys to myself. My husband has even been known to sing a tune or two...and maybe changes the words here and there..but still. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SONGS! For example: just tonight, I was singing THIS:
as I was doing the dishes. What do dishes and Piggy Toes have to do with each other? I don't know, that is not the point. The point is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

If you don't mind Hap Palmer in his easy listening, guitar strumming sound, (MORE COW BELL!) and watching little kids, in their bell bottoms and hobbit hair who are probably about my age now, running around on the screen THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU! I am not kidding. On occasion even Jaxon and Abby will even take a seat with Wade just to watch. Don't believe me? Order one (they aren't paying me). It will only take just one, and you will be hooked. I even think that the song "The day I took my diapers off" Potty trained Jaxon for me and "I can put my clothes on by myself" taught Abby to dress herself... at a much too early age. (Sorry, couldn't find those on YouTube) Our personal favorite is Baby's Busy Day, or Baby Songs Original. PS- Don't let the kids on the cover of the DVD fool you. They are babies "of the day" not the babies shown in the video....

Oh, and Hap... Thanks for entertaining my baby for 2 hours a day... er, Oh, I mean, 30 minutes... (Hey! It is STILL decorator PRISON! I have to do SOMETHING to keep Wade from running off with the drill while my dad is on the ladder!)Here is one more just in case you need some more convincing...."Where is Baby" the second song on this clip is one of Wade's personal favs... he told me so. After watching all those veggies move around, you might think YOU are on crack!


Jeanelle said...

Fun! I've never heard of these but the video of the toes in the freshly cut hair? Sick! But I love a good, stick-in-your-head kid song (crazy, I know!) The ones I especially love are the Signing Times songs -- like this one: and this one

gab said...

"it's a wonderful come out and play..."

Yes ours are completely worn out! My kids LOVED them.

jessica said...

This post is so hilarious! I have never heard of these DVD's before.

I will remember them when I get my baby someday.

(I totally loved the cow bell reference!)

Bridget said...

For some reason I can't see any videos that people post to their blogs. I'm sure they are extremely entertaining though.

calibosmom said...

I'm scared...MORE COWBELL!!!

Leah said...

Ellen tickets AND Dancing tickets! That would be the funnestestest thing in the world!!! I have to admit, it is like an act of congress to get me out of town without kids, so I doubt I could make it unless I was already in LA. I do make a trip every other year or so. What's funny is I too totally tried to get Ellen tickets last time I was in LA. I want to hear all about it when you go! I love living my dreams out vicariously through others and their blogs.

diane said...

This brings back memories. I listened to this over and over with my kids. My oldest is 22. You could call it retro now.


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