Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sometimes the best laid plans. . . .

Things I did this week not necessarily in this order:

* Got a root canal
* Had TWO IEP meetings
* Did NOT go to the grocery store
* Got creative making dinner with a severe lack in grocery product
* Talked the hubby into bringing dinner home TWICE.
* Cried for a whole day (this would be related to the two IEP meetings)
* Did not shower until 3:00 p.m. everyday except Tuesday(I really couldn't handle it)
* (the previous statement is not really any different than any other week)
* Read 519 pages of a book (You know which one)
* Got a temporary crown
* Watched 6 hours of the Olympics
* Attended a nursery rhyme parade
* Almost beat my husband (by a very small margin) in Scrabble which I SWORE I would never play and now will never play again because he played an 86 point word.. 86 POINTS!
* Went to back to School night
* Ate sushi (mine was cooked) at RAW with our LOVELY friends Blaine and Tamra
* Played home handyman
* Found 4 eaten packages of chips in Jaxon's room
* Watched SYTYCD with a DISMAL Finale and a MUCH BETTER results show (Was I the only one that thought the dances on Wednesday night were BORING???)
* Tried to avoid laundry (and succeeded until today-about 30 minutes ago)
* Did NOT make it to Target, and I really really wanted to go
* Went to lunch at In and Out

Somehow I thought my life would be so much easier when my kids were in school. I thought I would have so much "free time". I thought I would have so much time to go shopping... I thought I would float in the pool during nap time and get a better tan while reading a book or sleeping. I thought I would feel well rested because I would be in my second trimester. I thought I would work on some projects, unpack boxes and put my house together. I thought I would be more organized, and my house would be so much more clean. I thought I would be more motivated to cook... So much for the best laid plans.....


Jeanelle said...

1. I have never eaten at an In and Out.
2. I'm on page 525 and as much as I want to love this book, I am not enjoying it at all.
3. I'm sorry about the root canal, the lack of the Target visit and the day of crying. Total bummer.
4. I haven't showered at all today.
5. I did 5 loads of laundry today - 4 of which were quilts & stuff from camp. Yes, that means they sat on my floor for an entire week.

Tricia said...

I got worn out just reading your list! =) You seriously are a wonder! Now, could you send an In and Out my way! Love that place! =)

JBelle said...

Hope I'm reading too much into your list because you definitely have a full bucket. Good thing God loves you and would never give you more than you can handle. I love you, too. Soon you will unpack, play with your house and cook. Soon you will be organized and have contemplative time. Soon things will change. Promise!

jessica said...

First of the new blog look!

And as for SYTYCD, I agree, except I LOVED the last dance Mia Michaels choreographed with all four finalists dancing.

I hope this week allows for some pool floating.

Anne said...

I look at your list and think, "That's why IO homeschool!" I could never handle all the stuff you need to do with kids in school! You really are a wonder-woman to me! BTW, love the new look, and can't wait to hear your thoughts on BD. I was a little disappointed, but still liked it. I'm on my second read and like it a little better this time around.

Jill said...

You are a busy girl too!
I know, I am just setting myself up for failure when I get's going to be BORING!
Your blog page is cute too. My friend did mine :)
Did you get your necklace!!??

Natalie said...

I'm sorry that you had a rough week. Do you want me to come and unpack your house? Will you unpack mine? If you don't feel like unpacking my crap, you can float in my pool. It's always easier to float in someone elses pool. LEss guilt. Next week will be better:)! love to you!

Ilene said...

Hmmm. Sounds like you need another trip to In-N-Out.

gab said...

Oh, Miss Lindsey! I cry after every IEP (sometimes during). And also after doctor's appointments.

The laundry, root canal, pregnancy would put me right in the In N Out drive-thru lane!

Bridget said...

Loved your list but you reminded me I need to stop reading blogs and go read Breaking Dawn. I'm about halfway through.

Hillary said...

Wow you are busy! Right now I'm sure things seem so crazy, but hopefully they will settle down. Love ya and miss you lots. Stephanie Meyer has been taking over my life lately since I read New Moon and Eclipes in about 10 days. Wow I need a break to be normal before I start another one. I get obsessed!


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