Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sure Signs Jaxon Lives in Arizona and is in Kindergarten . . .

Jaxon: Hey mom, this is the letter "T" it says, t-t-t-t(making the t sound repeatedly) T is for "Ladybug"!

Me: Jaxon, T is for T-ree, or T-omato, or T-omorrow...

Jaxon: Um, no mom, T is the sound of "Ladybug" IN SPANISH!

Jaxon actually recognized that people were speaking Spanish on the television the other day too... I guess he might become "fluent". PS- I know Jaxon doesn't know Spanish and that the word for Butterfly DOESN'T start with a "T". I just thought it was hilarious that he would pretend it would!

1 comment:

Ilene said...

Good cover up. He's a smart kid.


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