Friday, August 1, 2008

More things I love about my new home town..

It was 112 degrees outside today... No, that is NOT an exaggeration. I would like to think that it was, but it wasn't. It was so hot that even though I had my A/C cranked in the car, I could still feel the heat of outside on my face through the front windshield.. Really, I could. When I went to pick up Jaxon from school I could feel the heat on the back of my calves as I walked up to the school. I think I got a burn in the 5 minutes I was outside. Really, I think I did. And I look at my MSN homepage (that is where I get all my news) I see that it is 78 degrees and raining (or possible rain) in Spokane, where we used to live. I see that it is 64 degrees on the other side of the state of Washington.. where other people I know live and I see that it is a mear 98 degrees in SLC where I have family. Let's face it... 112 is STILL a whole HECK OF A LOT HOTTER than 98.

BUT, there are some other wonderful things about my new home town and that is this:

*97.5 (I have no idea what the name of the radio station is) but they played PYT, ICE ICE BABY and Bell Biv deVoe's "Poison" in a row and kept me bouncin' in my car for about 20 minutes today. (I know, I am stuck in the 80's-- but when you don't have to listen to those old school songs every day, they are kinda fun to listen to again)

* In and Out Burger opened up 2.7 miles away from my house. DID YOU GET THAT? 2.7 miles away. I went there just today and I have to admit, from the sunny service that I got, to the great burger and fries that were all ready for me to "eat in the car" I was pretty pleased to have them in my hood. Ok, VERY pleased.

*My kids are ALREADY in SCHOOL and my Kindergartner is is ALL DAY FREE kindgergarten! Now, some of you might think that is cruel... but trust me, when it is 112 degrees outside you don't want your kids at home because even if they ARE in the pool the pool is probably about 98 degrees thus making it feel like a nice warm bath. (Not very refreshing) AND you get to have two weeks off in early October where the weather will be much more conducive to playing outside and enjoying the weather. And my kindergartner? Well, Jaxon (if you don't know already) is Autistic and believe it or not, that structure of all day Kindergarten is GREAT for him and does wonders for his social skills.

* Have I mentioned shopping? Oh yeah shopping... and eating and shopping and eating and shopping some more. I know there is a PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, Paradise Cafe, there is EVEN a cafe RIO for you Cafe Rio fans, Rubys and about a JILLION other places to have great food within 8.8 miles of my house.. come on.. you KNOW you want to visit. In the same distance in opposite directions are TWO of the biggest malls that I have EVER seen that have EVERYTHING you have ever wanted in them.. Ah... retail heaven, like I said.

I guess with the kids back in school.. I am ready to do some SHOPPING, and EATING! Anybody want to come? :) (I mean, 112 isn't THAT hot, RIGHT?)


Jessica said...

You do a good job selling that place. My very best friend in all the world lives in Argentina, but her whole family lives in Gilbert and I always try to see her when she is in the country...hopefully that will happen soon and I will SO be expecting a big old party with all you Arizonians.

jessica said...

I love the heat! I love good shopping and good food...

I'm totally in!

The Grant Family said...

Can I just say that I LOVE that you LOVE Bell Biv deVoe's "Poison" and Ice Ice Baby! I hadn't heard them for years until I discovered that YouTube has EVERYTHING! Now I look them up on occasion for fun. Sorry about the heat, I must admit that the southwest is one place I've never wanted to live. Your great shopping and restaurants sound tempting though. My husband and I were in LA befor SLC and sooooo miss In and Out.


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