Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is a simple piece, but is an amazing accent to any outfit. The the bold carved stone is a piece of green Jade. AMAZING! The necklace is hanging on a piece of brown leather with a barrel clasp in the back. For a closer look, click on the pic.


phbrady1998 said...
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phbrady1998 said...

I bid $30.

Lindsey said...

Heidi... Happy Anniversary present to your cute self! You are going to love this.. and thanks for your donation to Stephanie. You are great! I will send it along if you can just e-mail me your paypal confirmation! Thanks!

phbrady1998 said...

Hey Thanks! I'm sure going to give this a try or pass it along to Abbie for Christmas. :) I will paypal you today. Glad to help your good cause--thanks for doing it.


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