Thursday, September 4, 2008


This piece is a wonderful mix of colors and STYLE! Red Coral, Blue Turquoise, Green Jade and Sterling silver give this piece it's WOW factor. These are all semi precious stones and they are beautiful in cut and color! In the center is a piece of hand engraved Thai Silver. EXQUISITE! The necklace is finished with black leather that has been hand wrapped with sterling silver wire. It has a barrel clasp.


amanda said...

I bid $20.00

Lindsey said...

Another VERY lucky winner. I do remember this necklace retailed for $65. WONDERFUL bargain, (And great cause) Thanks again for playing! Please send along your paypal confirmation to my e-mail address which is located in the "rules" post. CONGRATULATIONS!

amanda said...

Thanks Linds- I feel bad that I could not have offered you more. We are in a tough financial bind as well as we are looking at making two mortgages as well here soon! Thanks for the offer and for doing this for such a worthy cause.


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