Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nie Recovery Auction Rules for FRIDAY!

When can I bid? As soon as the post appears.

Where do I place my bid? In the comments section of each item's post. Leave the first comment with the starting bid such as "i start the bid at $20". then the next bidder can submit a comment with their bid like, "I bid $30." and with each bidder to follow they just leave a comment with their price. If you are not familiar with how to leave a comment, just click the word "comments" that you see at the end of the post. It will bring up a pop-up window where you can type your comment. If you don't have a google/blogger account DON'T WORRY! Just click the circle next to the "anonymous" option and leave your bid/comment and your name and email. It's as easy as that!

What amount can i bid? Please keep all bids to an even $1--no change please. example: if the bid is $65.00, then the next bid should be $66.00 not $65.50.

How do i know what the highest bid is? Check the comments. it will be the most recently posted comment.

When does the auction end?10:00 PM PST Friday,

What if I win the bid? If you are the winning bidder, just email your contact information to Lindzstew at hotmail dot com. I will also do my best to contact you if you have a blog that is accessible.

How can I pay for the item?I will have you make a donation to the Nielson Recovery fund directly (cute blue button on the LEFT side of my blog). Once you receive confirmation of payment from Paypal, you will forward me that email. I will then ship the item(s) to you!

Will all of the money go to the fund or just a portion?ALL OF IT, I will be paying the shipping myself.So, check back tomorrow and see what's on the auction block!

What if I just want to donate? Click the blue button to the LEFT. WONDERFUL! Thank you for your generosity.

Thanks again for your support!


D-dawg said...

Good job doing this Lindsay- it is such a good cause!

gab said...

I am checking my computer all day to see the stuff!

Jeanelle said...

Okay I'm seriously a ding dong because I thought the auctions went through the weekend. I was leisurely waiting and going to bid again tonight. Sigh. Oh well -- glad you sold everything! If you do it again, I'll pay better attention to the deadline!


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