Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lindsey on Life- and Grey's Anatomy

This week was National Stay at Home week. What on earth does that mean? (You might ask) Well, it means that the new season of some TV shows came on this week and the networks wanted you to stay home and watch TV, so, they called it National Stay at Home week. (What a marketing department, eh?) Anywho... I was excited! I mean, after all, I have my daily arsenal of Tivo'd shows to watch. . . FINALLY there is something on TV!!! RIGHT??? Well, actually, I am finding less and less... a disappointment really. I was really hoping to have something to take my mind off of MY problems, but actually found that what I watched left me thinking about the WORLD's problems.

I guess, in fairness, it all started when Peter and I decided to rent the first season of Mad Men (AMC) on DVD. Critically acclaimed, Emmy crowned, all the rest. Well, it only took us a few episodes (there was only three on the DVD) to realize that this was a full frontal assault on marriage and family life. There wasn't a redeeming character in the bunch. In short, there was no one to "root" for, there was no hero. They were all just a bunch of middle aged men who were clueless about life, commitment and what it means to have a spine. Overall, a total disappointment.

Which leads me to my next big disappointment. The season premier of Grey's Anatomy. Now, some of you might gasp in shock that I even WATCH Grey's Anatomy, but I know many of you do too, so, it won't be a shocker to most. First of all the "sneak peak" commercials were all designed to create interest and shock in all of the events that were going to happen on the first episode... Lies.. .all of them... lies. Jokes, stupidity. Come on. Do you you have to WRITE these things just so you can get an intriguing trailer? Sad. Second of all, I am tired of Meredith and her flip flops. I am with Dr. Yang. It is dumb, get over it. Third, we have ANOTHER total assault on marriage, family, hope and relationships with the constant message of: It will never work. It is too hard. You just start getting chipped away. Then suddenly, you don't know each other. (Actual quotes from the episode)

Obviously no one in Hollywood has any idea of what a "relationship" is. I agree. For most, there is no Fairly Tale. But, that is NOT what a relationship is about. It is about Trials, Growth, Challenges and Endurance. Not to make it sound so UN-GLAMOROUS, but REAL. Otherwise, what is the point to this life and all of its learning? NOTHING. Of course, along with all of those challenges are BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS and some of the MOST REWARDING MOMENTS in life. They are there, but, they are only MORE sweet when we know the hardship and the challenges. Without those hardships... there is no Opposition, and THERE MUST BE OPPOSITION IN ALL THINGS SO THAT WE MAY KNOW THE GOOD FROM THE EVIL. (My husband is going to enjoy this post because as of late, I am having a hard time not complaining about our current trials and my favorite question is WHY US, WHY NOW??? Dearest honey, I understand the concept. That doesn't make it easier)

Moving on: it doesn't snow in Seattle in September, and that ICE DAGGER would have melted inside Dr. Yang long before they would have had to pull it out. Good job writers! Glad you get paid so much to put something SOOOOOOOOO stupid together. Shhesh. I will go back to watching my Reality TV. Thanks to Dancing with the Stars for presenting something that shows that through hard work and determination people can really can accomplish something. (Ok, they could wear more clothes) A worthy lesson. Good Bye Grey's. You are off my Tivo for good.


JBelle said...

well, listen Girlfriend,

If we are being completely honest with each other, we would agree that GA jumped the shark along time ago--maybe with that whole stupid loop of George and Izzy? The only truth teller in the group is Yang; she admits she's narcissistic while those other anemic seedlings would wail and whine at the accusation. yawn. I love Dancing With the Stars. But not the girls who dance in bikinis. Good Grief! Girls dance in dresses. We know this. ;)

Leah said...

You are a doll, Lindsey. Having no camera has allowed us to read more editorials which are honest and clever and so fun to read because as you know there is nothing on TV! (I have started watching Survivor, Toughest Jobs, and the naked show...I mean Dancing.)

Tina said...

I'm so glad someone else feels the way I do. Having never watched 1 episode of Greys Anatomy or any evening TV, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. Thanks for assuring me that I am not.
I like the reality shows like The biggest loser or Dancing, and Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch. Those are just fun.

Tina said...
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Bridget said...

Just be like me and ditch all shows except for The Office and Lost. Makes life much easier.

Christie said...

I was a little disappointed with GA's this week, too, but mostly with the lesbo thing they've got brewing for Dr. Torres. Not feeling that.

Melissa-Mc said...

So many assaults on the family. As time goes on I realize more and more how inspired the Proclamation is.

JBelle said...

okay, what's with the Barbarella (google it) dance costumes this year on DWTS?

gab said...

I have to go to bed so early these days, I am almost completely off tv. Sounds like I'm not missing much.

Thanks for being a voice of reason and wisdom. Good job!

jessica said...

Love Dancing WTHS, can't stand Kim Kardashian and that old lady needs to go!

Bridget and I are on the same page...Lost and The Office. We also watch Prison Break and just started watching Fringe.

It's not too late to get in on the Biggest Loser...Love that one too.

Does it sound like I watch too much TV...


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