Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Discussion Between Men

Man A: Wow, look at all of those houses over there!

Man B: Uh huh...

Man A: (playing arm chair psyc) Would YOU like to build houses when YOU grow up?

Man B: Um... No... Well.. I don't want to do that.

Man A: Well, what DO you want want to do when you grow up?

Man B: Um, well, .... Mommy says she doesn't think I will grow up........

No confirmation yet as to who is Man A and who is Man B.

(oh, and for the record, I never would say such a thing! If I did, I wouldn't have posted it as a funny! :)


Glennstew said...

Mom and I reviewed your blog today and we loved all of the pictures and comments. We think we know who was man a and who was man b.
Love you tons,
Mom and Dad

Ilene said...

At least you know Man B is listening.

That can be viewed as a miracle, right?

Hillary and Trevor said...

AWWWW! Jax is a cutie pie. Love you guys.


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