Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do ya miss me?

Sorry for the lag in posts... I have neglected to mention that my kids are on a 2 1/2 week "fall" break. The kids and I decided to get out of town and enjoy fall a little bit.  We drove to Salt Lake City and are enjoying mild temps and fall colors. I must admit, I don't think I will miss snow, but I am certain that I miss crisp fall mornings, orange, and yellow in the mountains. It is nice to visit for a while to enjoy it. 

I am giving my brain a rest as well. Turns out this pregnancy has been taking a toll on my brain.  
I have a functioning camera for the time being (Hurrah) but, have not uploaded any pix from the trip yet, so, stay tuned.

I am looking forward to conference and reunions. It is always nice to get in touch with old friends ... Especially old friends like, TAI PAN!  I am going to visit Tai Pan tomorrow... I will let you know how it goes! In the mean time, take a walk in the crisp air. Crunch a few leaves under your feet, drink a cup of hot cocoa (even if it makes you sweat a little) and enjoy this beautiful time of year. After all, there isn't much else beautiful in the world right now... (politics...yuk. Economic Crisis...yuk... ) 


Melissa-Mc said...

Have a great time in Utah. It's always fun to be there at conference time.

Don't you know that you lose 25% of your brain with every pregnancy? You're functioning at almost 0% :)

jessica said...

YES!...I miss you! I can't believe we missed each other by a week. I was just there enjoying the likes of Cafe Rio and Tai Pan...AHHHH!

Have a great time!

Bridget said...

Have a great time in Utah. I love Fall there.

Kenny and Linsey said...

Ahh, Fall...

heather said...

Have fun! Enjoy the tai!

Leah said...

I swear when I walk into the doors of Tai Pan I hear opera! "HAAAA-LE-LU-IAH!"

I used to go to Tai Pan back when it was for business owners only and in some wierd wherehouse in the middle of a bunch of other wherehouses. We used to go and use a friend's business account. I'm so glad they are open to the public now!


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