Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teaching the kids Swear Words

We were having a little after school lounge about with Abby on our bed and you know, various subjects come to mind...

Do you have a boy that likes you?

Do you like a boy?

Who did you play with at recess?

What did you do?

Does anyone talk about bad stuff?

Does anyone say bad words?????......

Abby: Well, one boy in my class says the "S" word. LIKE MOMMY DOES WHEN SHE IS ON THE PHONE.

Daddy: Head snap to mommy

Mommy: In quick defense, "SHE MEANS SHUT UP!" (Which I do say, in a total jest way to friends ala: SHUUUT UUUP! I know, that doesn't mean it is ok)

Abby: SEE??? There she just said it again!

Daddy: Oh... ok...

Abby: And other people say the "D" word and the "H" word.

Daddy and Mommy: Give glancing looks at each other

Abby: Jaxon says them all the time!

Daddy and Mommy: Give concerned and shocked looks at each other.... , "HE DOES?"

Daddy: "Well, DAMN, and HELL are in the Bible I guess, BUT, we should never say them!"

Abby: "Yeah, he says DUMB and HATE all the time."


Mommy: "Way to teach Abby some new swear words... that one is going on the blog."



Anne said...

Funny story. In the UK, hell and damn are words you can use over the pulpit...ok maybe not. But they are perfectly acceptable in everyday language. Crap and pist, however, are burn-your-ears kinds of bad words. So whenever we are with Gerry and his kids we make an agreement. We won't say crap or pist and he won't say hell or damn. Wow, I rarely use any of those words. I feel like a sailor!

Anne said...

Oh. I think Gerry may have given them up all together when his sweet little 3 year old (imagine the most adorable British accent) said, "What the hell are you doing, daddy?"

The Grant Family said...

Sooo funny! My kids think shut-up is a bad word's not the best thing to say, but I must admit I do say it.

heather said...

I remember when I used to call shut up the "s" word. :)

Pineapple Princess said...

He he he. LOL. Good thing she is still so innocent.

My first grader was taught by a kindergartner named Heaven the f word. It wasn't fart. I felt like saying "Go to hell Heaven." Ewwwl, I feel like a sailor too.

DnJKnightonFamily said...


That is adorable!!! Good thing you have such good language;) My son had his interview to be baptized and the Bishop said jokingly..."is there anything that you need to get off you chest." My son looked at him, and the Bishop said do you want to tell me or would you like your parents to leave...In the hall way Doug and I are trying to imagine what an 8 year old has to confess. He told the bishop that mom swears sometimes!!!!
And it's definately not ABBY'S swear words. Guess I am the Captain of the Ship!!!

Kenny and Linsey said...

that is a classic parenting moment

Melissa-Mc said...

I love it! When my first child was 5 she came home from school saying that kids on the bus were saying bad words. I was so upset that my sweet little 5-year-old was being corrupted so early. I asked what she heard them say. She said, "You know, like stupid and shut up." Inwardly relieved I said, "Oh yes. Those are really bad words. We should never say them."

Leah said...

My kids always say, "Mom,my (teacher/friend/brother) said the "f" word!"

They still think the "f" word is f-a-t. I had to teach them fat was a bad word or they would go around saying everyone was fat to their faces (mainly Chad would because he has no filter). Oh, and fart is also a bad word even though I grew up saying it. I don't know if my kids have ever heard the real f word.

Bridget said...

That's so funny! My kids think the bad S word is stupid. I fear the day they find out there really are other worse words out there.

My brother's 9 year old son asked him the other day what sex was. He took a big breath and asked him to sit down and made some general comment like "it's a sacred beautiful thing between a man and woman when they are in love." His son looked all confused and said "so what do I put on this form? M or F?



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