Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Falling off the face of the earth

Is fun in its own little way. Sorry to leave you all behind. I have a million things to catch you up on ... namely my trip to Utah, and then my trip to California to re-live some college days and attend the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It aired today. (Sorry if you missed it) LOOK FOR ME! I am a tall pregnant lady, sitting near the front, wearing a brown shirt. I am tivoing it, and will let you know if I see myself.

ALMOST got picked for the "Stupidest Game on Television" (coined by Ellen) and after seeing it go down, now I know why I wasn't picked (they had 6 of us in a could have been any one of us and for the record, I would have been more entertaining)... unfair height advantage and EXTREME liability issues with a pregnant lady. Anywho.. it would have helped my camera fund if I would have won!!!! Oh well, guess my luck has run out. Stay tuned. I will try to update more tonight!


Emily said...

oh bummer I would have looked for you, i watched it today!! I would love to go to the ellen show!!

Anne said...

Can't wait to start hearing more. I've missed you friend!

jessica said...

The Ellen Show!!!! I am so jealous!
I hope your travels were fun and that the children cooperated.

Leah said...

You've totally got to post about what it was like to attend a taping since it is something so many of us have almost done. Was it worth it to go? Did you shake that booty?!


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