Saturday, October 18, 2008

My lazy morning in bed with

Why does ANYONE wake up before 7:00 a.m. WHY? WHY? WHY? I personally think it is inhumane to wake at such hours. Nevertheless, it happens. We had plenty of room to roll around as Peter has re-located due to his wife who he "claims" breathes too heavily. (Think of a tired Hippo breathing loudly. I am sure, if you want, he will demo it for you) ANYWAY, his absence allows me to lay in bed a little longer (even if I have a few monkeys in bed with me) and what do we do? Roll around. Play hop on mom and see how close you can get to a camera and have it still take your picture. Oh, that big mound of fluff just beyond Wade's head? My ever burgeoning belly. You're welcome. She joined us too.... kicking and making a fuss. What of the blue glow? MY LAPTOP OF COURSE! I was hoping for some light reading this morning but the only person who had posted was Nat. (My secret blog stalker) Thanks for the reading this morning Nat. AWESOME pix. Oh, and thanks for the referral to a new imaginary friend Emily (Nat linked her). Thanks ladies for making my morning enjoyable... even though I was awake.


Natalie said...

WEll if you've got to be awake in the wee hours at least you were being filled with mounds of information. And for the record, I would hardly call my blog a "light" read. I really get into some deep, hard hitting issues on my blog Lindsey. For example, have you read my post on mascara? Such depth is hard to come by these days. I'll try not to be offended on this beautiful Sabbath morn.:).
p.s. it's fun to see your burgeoning belly.

gab said...

7:00 am is sleepin' late for this Seminary teacher!! But all pregnant ladies deserve to sleep til 10:00 a.m. At least!


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