Monday, April 7, 2008

Discourse on CUPCAKES the Best and the Worst

As you may know, I recently went on a few trips. . . One to SLC to visit with family, and one to Vegas to celebrate with the husband for our anniversary.

I took it upon myself to check up on all of the cupcake stores that I had researched. I am proud (or embarrassed) to say that I visited each store and ate a variety of cupcakes JUST so I could tell you how they were and for my "research" of course. I say "research" because it sounds better than visiting cupcake stores just to eat cupcakes and secretly, I want to open my own cupcake store. (Would you come?)

Here is the run-down.


Location: 800 South in between state and main.
Yummy cake and fabulous cake to frosting ratio! YUM!

Every flavor was super delicious! I got to try a few sneaks off the kids cakes, but I personally had the black and white cupcake.

I think the price is a little steep ($2- for a MINI! Usually full sized cupcakes are about $2.50) and it isn't really a place to "stop in" and grab a fun treat. Weird store location. Well worth it though if you are driving by (I don't know why you would be), need a special treat for you OR a friend, or if you are just cupcake obsessed like me! Oh! And only ONE table in the store... if someone is already there, you are outta luck.

So Cupcake: Highland Drive, Holladay. I was driving around trying to get Wade to fall asleep in the car before I went to my sister's house and although I didn't have plans to stop by So Cupcake, I saw it (across from Neilson's Frozen Yogurt) and HAD to stop. After all, I wanted to be thorough. The report from my mom and sister were true... Dry, not so flavorful cupcake. Sorry Natalie! (It just happened to be opened and run by a girl I went to highschool with) She opened it with her daughter, great story, great cause, but just... Not so good. (Don't worry, I am sure she will never see my blog)We ate them in the car and I didn't take pictures.

Curious Cupcake: Delivery Only

I know, DELIVERY ONLY??!! I didn't love that about it ($10) but they were OHHHHHHHHH SOOOOOOOOOO PRETTYYYYYYYY!!! (and good too) If you have a special friend, that needs a special pick me up, and you don't have time to do it yourself...Order. This would be great. This is how I may have to start up my cupcake business to test out the market. I am not sure I can make mine as pretty, but I can sure try!
Very good cake, and super pretty flowers, but personally, I like more frosting.

Her presentation CANNOT be beat!

But you can only order one flavor per box. :( Not good if you like to try different kinds, so, I can tell you, the vanilla was very good. :)

There is one other place in SLC called Sugar Rush, and they only do catering.


I didn't have too many intentions on going to get cupcakes in Vegas. We were short on time, but I was surfing to see where they were on the Husband's PDA and he was listening to the addresses as I was asking him if they were in the "direction" we were going. To my surprise, he was heading straight to TWO of them (They are in the same parking lot) At the Cupcake Lane Bakery I ordered one that looked like a Hostess Cupcake, and a lemon flavored cupcake. I can say that they Hostess Cupcake was dry, and not good (not enough frosting) and the lemon one was good, but here is a hint, if it isn't memorable enough to take a picture... it isn't worth going back.

MAD HATTER CUPCAKES was in the same parking lot, but a totally unique experience. They call themselves the "Cold Stone" of cupcakes and you order a bare cupcake... !
they will fill it,
frost it,
and top it right in front of you!

I hope you enjoyed your cupcake trip as much as I did!

Sidenotes: There was one other store in Vegas called the Cupcakery we didn't get there, I heard it wasn't good. Also, my friend AMY stopped by Cupcake Royale this weekend in Seattle and said, "It was a dissappointment."


Shally said...

Great. It is 11:30 at night and I am craving cupcakes.

Thanks a lot!!

calibosmom said...

YUMMY!!! I love cupcakes and HOLY COW, I was a really good friend of Natalie Green growing up. We lived in the same neighborhood-don't worry, I won't tell her about the cupcakes, I haven't seen her since we were 10. I moved when I was 12 but all my siblings went to Olympus. Where did you live? You might know some of my cousins the Fotheringhams. COOL!!!

calibosmom said...

PS-Heidi's lips have definatley been injected with something. BLECH!!!

Bridget said...

Wow, those cupcakes are beautiful. I lived such an ignorant life until now. I had no idea there were cupcake stores. YUM.

Christie said...

I need some cupcakes. RIGHT. NOW. Thanks a lot!

Jessica said...

I know this girl who lives by you and is pregnant and having morning sickness and cupcakes (1/2 cake 1/2 frosting please) actually sound really good to her and she has a cute blog book she could show you, so you could bring cupcakes to her instead of taunting her and look at her blog book and that would be fun, don't you think?

Jeanelle said...

Jessica told me I should tell you about Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle. I'm going there soon (maybe this week?) and will blog about it so you can have a report for your file! ;) I also would love to know what you thought about last night's Bachelor! I am so loving this season and made a hair appt for tomorrow just so I can have someone to discuss it with (the only person I know who watches it is my stylist!!)

aric & jess said...

I love the mad hatter idea with the build your own cupcake! And I love the pretty ones. I decorate cakes so I kinda am partial to the cute even if they aren't as tasty.

Lauren said...

I really want one of those beautiful ones with the great frosting to cupcake ratio.

I love to have a little bit of cupcake with my frosting rather than the other way around.


Lindsay said...

Okay, I will come to your cupcake store, and did you know Martha had a cupcake week? I know you don't watch her show but she had a whole cupcake week that made me think of you...check out her site! AND I can't stand Walmart cupcakes for school birthdays, GROSS, so please hurry and open so Bryant doesn't end up with those...Abby's in his class...June is the deadline...

Christa said...

You will have to tell me when you venture to New York City on your cupcake adventure! I have never found better than Magnolia Bakery and the Cupcake Cafe. Have you tried them?

Natalie said...

great, now I am starving! For a cupcake. I don't have a cupcake. What am I supposed to do now? Eat real food? pchhh...


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